Entertainment “Trucking” – In the eyes of an International School Student

“Trucking” – In the eyes of an International School Student

2016 Mar 7

by Akansha Naraindas

Its big match season again, and you can already see people matching up their flags, all ready to support their favorite school. Interestingly though, most of the excitement of The Big match is created In the lead up to the event as opposed to the actual event itself; the jamboree type atmosphere that is evoked through the flags, parades and controversially; the truck tour.

This has always been a particular occurrence often looked upon with much skepticism every year, and I suppose it’s merely up to perception if it purports acts of hooliganism or is merely a way of promoting school spirit.

As an International school student, the event of “trucking” has always been looked upon as a form of divertissement. Something most of us look forward to in terms of disrupting a class or presenting a much needed break from rigorous studying. The loud Alphabetical cheers never fail to surge the adrenaline as we push away from our seats and run to watch the procession alongside our teachers, who are interestingly equally in awe.

Usually the gates to the staircases are locked to prevent the students going downstairs to watch as well as anyone entering the building. This causes a lot of struggle for the best viewing spaces from within the building as the basketball court is flooded with the school boys.

This pertains to be more of a culture shock from an international student’s perspective where occasions like this are usually unlikely elsewhere as opposed to local students who are more aware of the situation. Nevertheless, the loud cheering and colorful flags never fail to amuse those who clamor excitedly to the teachers, asking questions as to what this means.

The teachers themselves view this with much skepticism, as expected. Ushering students back to their seats, prefects torn between doing their duty and also catching a glimpse of the phenomena. It is definitely overall an event of mixed emotions but gladly enjoyed by many for the pleasant change it brings to break the monotony.


Regardless, there are many who view the entire occasion with much negativity due to the acts of unruly behavior such as the yelling, violent physical gestures and the dark rumors attached to the activity. There are those who see this as unnecessary; a primitive cultural act that is to fade away in years to come.

Interestingly this act is meant to proliferate school loyalty however certain schools also pertain to their own patriotism and view this as invasive, causing more friction as students take this quite personally and view this act as a violation of their school pride. It is an interesting deeply psychological view point where we see students internalizing school spirit as an influence on their egos.

Furthermore, immature acts such as throwing stones and breaking pots lead to even more skepticism as to the necessity of these acts. However, the extreme measures taken to contain these students may be a critical reason as to why they are forced to react this way. The manhandling by the police at times seems quite unnecessary, and is naturally bound to illicit some form of anger from by impacted by it.

Overall, the entire experience is usually unforgettable and is something on the whole usually enjoyed by most. The controversies behind it make it even more interesting and memorable, things like this ought to be taken with a pinch of salt anyway.

Have a good big match season!


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