Entertainment The 6 Most Common Lies Sri Lankan Girls Tell Their Boyfriends

The 6 Most Common Lies Sri Lankan Girls Tell Their Boyfriends

2016 May 13

Everybody lies.

Maybe they’re lies that don’t amount to anything, just little white lies that mean nothing, but everybody lies.

But then… there are the lies that do amount to something, lies that shake the very foundations of trust in your relationship. The kind of lies that should have been avoided, because they’ll eventually turn up during the course of your relationship in a karmic rage, ready to pull you and your boyfriend apart.

I’m not saying that everyone who has said the following things has said it in a dishonest context. There are some people who really do mean it when they say any of the things on this list. But…

Buckle your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen, we’re all in for one hell of a ride.

  1. “He’s like an Aiya to me!”


Has your girlfriend constantly been texting this one guy for a long time? It’s like she hasn’t stopped texting him since a long while back, and from the way she’s smiling at her phone, it doesn’t look like she’ll stop any time soon? And when you ask her who it is, and ask her questions about him over a period of time (because you’re legitimately worried that she might be cheating on you) she throws the “he’s like an Aiya to me!” or “We’re just friends!” line in a really emphatic voice? Like she’s trying to convince you and herself? Yeah… you need to have a serious talk.

  1. “Oh, I’m not mad.”


Oh boy. She’s mad. This is really very common, and honestly if you think clearly about it, that one really obvious thing that you just would not get mad about in general is probably what she’s mad about. I’m a woman, and it mystifies me too why some women have to be so passive aggressive about it. But of course, it is no one’s place to judge, and the best course of action would be to speak with her when she’s calmer.

  1. “Yes, ane, I’ll be ready in like 5 minutes”


It’s really not our fault though. Sometimes we’re having a really bad hair day. Sometimes our makeup brushes break because the ones you get in Sri Lanka aren’t really of good quality. Sometimes we wake up feeling bloated and we won’t look so good in the clothes we picked out yesterday, so now it’s back to square one. And then when we go downstairs and almost go out the door, Ammi sees the clothes and… we have to go change again. So if you really think about it, we can’t help it.

  1. “I promise I won’t ever hurt you…”


We promise forever in a world where even life itself is temporary. When feelings are involved, I can assure you that whether or not it’s intentional, something will be said that rubs you the wrong way. You’re going to be hurt by something she says at least once during your relationship. Maybe it’ll be because of the circumstances, where you’ve had a bad day, she’s had a bad day, the conversation isn’t going great anyways and BAM! Somebody’s feelings are hurt, and then vice versa. It’s all part of the natural order, so try not to read too much into everything being said, and enjoy your relationship.

  1. “Ane, just tell me! I won’t be upset!”


Run. She’s probably already upset. Unless you’re fully equipped to handle this situation with a calm attitude and a mature conversation with someone who is currently acting like a petulant child, just don’t continue the conversation. You’ll only damage your relationship irreparably if you don’t take the wise course of action.


  1. “Yes, I’m over him.”


The picture above shows you exactly what goes through a girl’s mind when she thinks about the one certain man that she will always love. When she tells you she’s over him, she does not mean that she has stopped loving him. She’s telling you that she loves him, but she loves you more, and she couldn’t bear hurting you with the knowledge that she still sighs once in a while when she thinks about him. But she’s with you, isn’t she? She’s with you right now.  And that’s all that should matter, because if you push it, you’re just hurting her, and that’s just not worth it.

And there you have it, folks. The biggest lies girls tell their boyfriends.

The easiest way to solve any misunderstanding is by taking the extra step to always ensure that your partner has brought forward all of their thoughts and feelings. So always remember that a conversation is the easiest way to break up any misunderstanding.


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