Entertainment Sri Lankan Podcasts You Should be Listening to

Sri Lankan Podcasts You Should be Listening to

2020 Mar 27

Whether you are looking to have a laugh, take a deep dive into a new subject or catch up on the latest headlines, podcasts are a great way to listen to great content. Here are some great Lankan podcasts to pick from during your #StayAtHome.

Note: Most of the podcasts listed below can be accessed on any podcast streaming platform or app.


1. The Bad Take Podcast

Image Source: thamara.blog

Link: www.thebadtake.com

Hosted by journalist and writer/editor, Himal Kotelawala and co-founder of the clothing brand Bear Appeal, Thamara Kandabada, The Bad Take Podcast covers a range of conversational topics from pop culture and politics to the universe and the meaning of life and can be accessed on any podcast streaming app. Their latest episode dives deep into interesting findings on extreme speech online by Spanish-based linguist Carmen Aguilera Carnerero. Check it out here: www.thebadtake.com/episode20. Get the latest updates by following them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thebadtake.


2. The F Word

Image Source: podhub.lk

Link: https://podhub.lk/podcaster/100

Hosted by Shanuki De Alwis, who also has a Youtube talkshow titled ‘Shhh,’ the F Word podcast entails a series of quirky and humorous takes on what it is like to be a middle-aged woman in Sri Lanka. From travel adventures to the highs and low of love to drama and theatrics, expect some rib-tickling laughter with this one!


3. The Curionomist Podcasts | COVID-19 Special Series

Image Source: anchor.fm

Link: https://anchor.fm/anush5/episodes/The-Curionomist-Podcasts–Season-2-A-Chat-with-AirBnBs-Mike-Orgill-ebqqcm

This latest podcast covers the economic impacts of the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus 2019) outbreak, from the perspective of Anush, an economist in Sri Lanka. The series explores what the pandemic means for the world economy, how it is different to the GFC fallout or the impacts of SARS and what countries are doing to stem the economic fallout.


4. Another Side

Image Source: podhub.lk

Link: https://podhub.lk/podcaster/95

Koluu is arguably one of Sri Lanka’s most widely loved chefs and with his own podcast series ‘Another Side’, Koluu speaks to various individuals from different walks of life, in his own incomparable way, and brings out ‘Another Side’ away from cooking and life as a celebrity chef.


5. S&M with Suresh

Image Source: podhub.lk

Link: https://podhub.lk/podcaster/46

In this podcast series, Suresh de silva explores a range of topics seldom spoke of. By shattering paradigms and breaking boundaries on creativity and artistry, his episodes discuss all that is extraordinary and mysterious. From his love for animals to romance and the music industry, this series is most certainly binge-worthy!


6. ReadMe Sri Lanka

Image Source: anchor.fm

Link: https://anchor.fm/readme-sri-lanka

With informative episodes on every take, ReadMe Sri Lanka covers the latest news, insights and unparalleled features within the Sri Lankan techscape with their podcast series.


7. Women At The Top

Image Source: podhub.lk

Link: https://podhub.lk/podcast/751

‘Women at the top’ is an initiative by ANC that includes valuable insight by women heading the corporate field in Sri Lanka. They’ve got the details for you to excel in your career, your personal life, along with advice on how to push yourself along the corporate ladder—with their executive MBA program. This series also walks you through the comprehensive MBA program that ANC offers—with a few great pointers on how to be a great leading lady!


8. Gappiya School

Image Source: podcasts.apple.com

Link: http://gappiya-school.teachable.com/

This podcast series provides friendly tips, tricks and tutorials on everything related to the world of marketing, business and entrepreneurship. The series is hosted in Sinhalese by business podcast ‘Gappiya.’


9. Kid Lit Corner

Source: podhub.lk

Link: https://podhub.lk/podcaster/219

In this podcast series by Nadishka Aloysius – avid read and Sri Lankan author, she shares her thoughts on books and authors who specialise in children’s fiction, ranging from the early classics to the latest book by David Walliams. Each episode touches on a writer’s background, their inspiration and any interesting facts pertaining to the story. Excerpts are read aloud to offer you a more comprehensive review of each book. So, whether you are looking for a book recommendation, or looking to revisit your favourite childhood authors, listen in and enjoy the world of juvenile fiction.

Got any interesting Lankan podcasts that we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below.