Entertainment Colombo flies Far From Home

Colombo flies Far From Home

2019 Jul 5

Skyline Entertainment, TNL Radio and Scope Cinemas really know how to put on a show! 
Bringing 4th of July fireworks to Sri Lanka, Pulse was hosted to a Red Carpet premier showing of Spiderman: Far From Home at the Colombo City Centre theatre and boy, were we impressed. The cineplex was converted into an airport, complete with wine and canapes at the “waiting gates”, ready to take us Lankans far from home and into the Marvel universe once more. 
Following the immense success of Avengers: Endgame (which is still in theatres btw!), Spiderman: Far From Home has a big name to live up to but trust us when we say, Sony Pictures Entertainment in association with Marvel didn’t fall short. With the script containing their signature balance between humour and seriousness, visuals with incredible CGI, and multiple nostalgic parallels, Far From Home is an incredible journey.
The movie releases today and you wouldn’t believe how good it is until you’ve seen it yourself so book your tickets now at https://www.scopecinemas.com/buy-tickets-online. Quick tip though, there is a mid-credit and an end-credits scene (both so totally worth the wait!). So grab some popcorn, buckle up, and be ready for the plot twists that Marvel is famed for!