Entertainment An innocent wish gunned down by savage memes?

An innocent wish gunned down by savage memes?

2016 May 23

by Azraa Killru

Now since the Mothers’ Day Celebrations are finally out of the calendar for the year, let’s just have a look at the frenzy that seized the internet last week – A freak show that repeats during special days, one of which is, and not limited to Mothers’ Day.

The commercial businesses enjoyed huge sales with their successful offers and promos that were screaming at the top of their voices for weeks, “Order this. Buy that. Gift this to your mother.” – Inevitable! So this is not what I am talking about. Let’s face it – this generation loves shopping and you don’t really need an excuse to buy something, do you? So it is definitely nice to have a genuine reason to buy something this time.


It’s the disparity that was evident among people – There was one set happily posting lengthy affectionate messages for their mothers with selfies whereas another bunch was eagerly waiting to attack them with their memes. And some of them have been going viral for a good few years and still do.

Humour could be the motive: Just for laughs, which is completely acceptable. But isn’t it time to think about how it could offend someone who actually waited for the special day to show his/her love to his mother?


Many people, irrespective of their age and gender are not very verbose about their affection towards their parents. Whether it is their personal traits, upbringing or how close and cordial the family unit is that is responsible, expressing love, warm hugs, and kissing parents are not an everyday occurrence in the average Lankan household. Of course, the exceptions are far and wide. But we are talking about the majority here. In this case, a universally celebrated Day like Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day are apparently convenient and foolproof routes to show them that you actually care. Of course, you know how most Lankan parents are if you are to ever give them a present or a hug out of the blue “Baba, what happened to you suddenly?” or they will brush you off saying, “Pissu” with a laugh (not because they are laughing at you but since they are pleasantly surprised and happy. It’s a Lankan norm – even parents have issues expressing love in obvious ways unlike in the Western culture).


Back to the savage memes – who is judging here? You never know why someone wants to wish their parents online. It’s their style, perhaps. Treating it like a crime and ridiculing those who are sensitive enough to celebrate the special days doesn’t seem like the best idea. Definitely, there will be a handful of phony wishes, but hey, who cares? After all, a wish is a good one. No harm done there.


Another amusing drama unfolds in February. I don’t even need to mention what that is all about. Yes, you are right. Valentine’s Day! Oh man, leave the poor lovebirds alone. Let them tweet, tag each other in cheesy love quotes or upload millions of pictures together with the hashtag #loveisintheair. My point is, what is your problem, Mr. (or Ms.) Meme-creator? If it irks you, ignore. Why bother too much about it?

You are in a relationship and want to keep it low-key? Perfect. Your friends are such a pain and you despise seeing all the cliché stuff on your home page? Come on, unfollow them or just build your tolerance level. We live in a world made up of various types of people. After all, would it not be terribly boring if everybody else thought and acted just like you? Cherish the difference (or if you are someone who is not known for their patience levels – just ignore the ones who get on your nerves)!


Oh, wait, if you are single I know what you are thinking. Happy Anti – Valentines! The trend-setting anti-valentines parties are on a rise, which is a good initiative for singles. Or just about anyone who wants to have a gala time. It’s certainly an ideal alternative to brooding in your bedroom (like poor Harry Potter at the Dursleys’ house), distraught over the happy couples exchanging vows of everlasting love. Just as much as the love is in the air updates, the ones shooting happy single memes are asking for attention (sorry, dude, it’s the bitter truth. But never mind, everyone in one way or the other is on social media.)


We take a great deal of pride in calling ourselves an advanced generation. We are cool and open-minded. What does that even mean? Oh no, I am not even getting there. But on the surface, or as a minimal standard to understanding this concept, isn’t the freedom of expression supposed to be liberal i.e. no interference in any manner? Then why does everyone get so hyped up about something as harmless and trivial as a Happy Mothers’ Day wish or expressions of Be My Valentine?

Mothers (fathers, lovers, or whoever it is that you want to celebrate any of the universal special day with) are humans with emotions. A loving gesture, be it a small gift, a luxurious present, spending quality time together can make a significant mark in their hearts. It tells them that you care about them. There is no law that belittles any act of love and kindness. You don’t need to limit your affectionate measures to those days highlighted in the calendar. It will be cherished any day of the year.

This article intends to dispel the negativity surrounding the celebration of such special days. Whether you are someone who avidly puts together a fantastic Mothers’ Day celebration or you don’t – just keep in mind to eliminate any criticism you may hoard against others’ activity. After all, the purpose of these special days are to spread love and happiness and not evoke condemnation. If you believe this piece of writing could do some good, share it with others. Like or comment to give your opinion.



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