Entertainment 5 YouTubers that Sri Lankans MUST Checkout!

5 YouTubers that Sri Lankans MUST Checkout!

2016 Mar 24

by Dulshan Kodagoda

Youtube, the free streaming video site has become home to countless youtubers from which we have grown very fond of and close to just because we can relate to them. So here are 5 youtubers that we as Sri Lankans can relate to. In this list we have considered youtubers that target not only the Sinhala speaking viewers but everyone else as well, they need not be Sri Lankans.



To get things started, this is Harry Pereira, a British Sri Lankan Youtube Vlogger based in London. Started on May 2011, you can find Harry vlogging about issues as we Sri Lankans face with today’s Society with a blend of comedy. Having Over 13 thousand subscribers and over 6 million views this is a channel you should check out http://www.youtube.com/harrypereira .



Jasmeet Singh, an Indian Youtube Comedian originating from Guelph, Canada. We can definitely relate to our brown neighbors one way or another and his channel is one of the best when it comes to relating people to the brown society. Also the collabs he has done with Sri Lankan youtubers need I say more. Check him out




She is the biggest youtuber in this list with a fan base of over 8 million subscribers and over 1 Billion views. Lilly Singh originating from Ontario, Canada. Not only we Sri Lankans can relate but everyone else around the world. Her sketches including her acting out as her mother and father and all the parent daughter relationship, we all know how we can relate to that don’t we. Take a visit if you haven’t already https://www.youtube.com/IISuperwomanII .



Who better can we relate to than a youtuber that was born and raised in Sri Lanka. Tharindu Wijesekara AKA Gappiya with over 50 thousands subscribers and over 8 million views has got very popular in Sri Lanka. He is currently residing in Sydney, Australia. His mixture of Australian and proper taste of Sri Lankan humor, Gappiya is a sure check out if you haven’t already

https://www.youtube.com/gappiya .



With all the amma jokes and the aiyyo jokes we have Jehan Ratnatunga born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Started in 2005 few months after youtube was created, Jehan started off his channel making videos with a camera that was given to him as a gift. There is not a single video in his channel that we won’t get as a Sri Lankan. If you haven’t still heard of him I urge you to go check him out or you can get a THUNDERING SLAP https://www.youtube.com/user/jehanr


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