Tech Bundlhub: Refocusing of the Consumer Mindset

Bundlhub: Refocusing of the Consumer Mindset

2017 Mar 24

Let’s face it, we all have some item or another that we would love to get rid of. Whether it’s a quick swap with a friend or neighbor, an online sale, or a run to the local pawn shop, we have all experienced this facet of modern life. In a world where anything you could ever want is only one click away, it can often be overwhelming when we find ourselves surrounded with years upon years of goods that we no longer have a use for. While it’s often fairly simple to acquire all of these things, it’s typically quite cumbersome to swap, sell, or donate our unwanted or unused goods. Online avenues such as Craigslist and Ebay offer consumers a way to swap or sell their items, however, the community base of these organizations is often lackluster and can leave the user yearning for a different method for exchanging their goods.

That’s where Bundlhub comes into the picture. Bundlhub is a colocated startup in New York and Sri Lanka and is an application available via iOS, Google Play, and a standard web portal. Bundlhub provides its users with a well-developed platform that facilitates the exchange of a wide array of goods. By participating through offering up their own items for exchange, users are granted Bundlhub points which can be redeemed for goods that have been posted other users. It’s really quite simple. You post your unwanted items on the Bundlhub marketplace, search for other users who have posted items that you are interested in, and utilize a variety of shipping services to exchange or acquire items. While the main purpose of Bundlhub might appear to be a personal acquisition of goods or currency, the heart of the system lies within it’s dedicated community of environmentally-conscious users. Rather than tossing an unwanted item into the trash or leaving it to waste away in an attic, Bundlers actively participate in the philosophy of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

The utilization of second-hand goods represents a refocusing of the consumer mindset. Where some might be inclined to always purchase their goods new, Bundlers are working to alleviate environmental and economic pressures through their willingness to accept and utilize less-than-new products. This mindset is key for eco-friendly living in an ever-expanding world that offers new product after new product and expects us all to believe that we need each and every one of them. We all must work together as a community to change our world for the better. Bundlhub offers it’s users that very opportunity. Whatever it is you may find yourself yearning to get rid of or acquire, Bundlhub it!