Restaurant Reviews Tea Avenue | One Galle Face Mall

Tea Avenue | One Galle Face Mall

2019 Dec 3

Open Time:

10:00am - 10:00pm, 10:00am - 12:00am


1A, 02 Centre Rd, Colombo


Outside the mall on the first floor facing Galle Face


Perfect for a perfect day!

Tea Avenue has been around for quite some time and has become one of our favourite cafes. Recently they opened up their latest outlet at the One Galle Face Mall and we had to check it out.



Before walking in I was rather concerned about how the relaxed yet sophisticated touch of Tea Avenue would translate into a mall setting. However, the outlet is actually outside the mall facing the Galle Face and this is a perfect location! The afternoon light washing over the neutral coloured interior, the spacious space and the elegant furniture made me excited and deeply comfortable.

For the most part, Tea Avenue at One Galle Face Mall is pretty similar to all their other outlets but with one special feature. Their breakfast menu starts a bit late (at 11:00 am) but goes all the way till 7:00 pm!

The ambience, location and the food (which I will be getting to shortly) make Tea Avenue at One Galle Face Mall the perfect location to catch up with some friends, take a break from work or even a business meeting.




Ferrero Lavish – LKR 1100



This was a gorgeous monster. This milkshake on steroids is perfect for Instagram and I was excited to have my way with it the moment I laid eyes on it. Upon tasting it I came to the realisation that this is exactly what a milkshake should be! It was thick and luscious without being too difficult to drink. The flavour was deep and complex with the rich flavour of chocolate being accompanied by the subtle flavours of hazelnut and vanilla. Although this is not the everyday drink it’s perfect in every way.


Ice Blackcurrent Tea – LKR 540



A big contrast with the previous drink but an equally amazing experience the fruity notes of the black current went perfectly with the bold flavours of the tea. The citrus flavour takes it to a whole new level, adding a hit of refreshment making it a perfect afternoon treat.




American Breakfast – LKR 890



When there’s an (almost) all-day breakfast up for grabs you know we had to try it. We were served with a rather hefty platter of a whole assortment of breakfast items. The pancakes were fluffy and slightly sweet and go perfectly well with the strong flavour of the smoked salmon. The scrambled eggs make it for quite a healthy meal and the extra protein makes things more satisfying. The flavours, in general, were quite mild but this is what breakfast should be.


Sriracha Fish Burger – LK890



Burgers are some of my favourite things to eat, period so I was pretty excited about this. Let be start with the potato wedges because THEY WERE AMAZING!  The crispy exterior with the soft interior mixed with the amazing flavours was perfect and I’m still thinking about it. The burger itself was incredibly flavourful and was cooked to perfection. The crispy coating helped make the texture interesting and the sauce which was served with it was amazingly tangy and spicy. My favourite dish we had. My only complaint is that it could have been bigger.


Blueberry Pancake – LKR890



Another gorgeous stack of pancakes that makes an amazing first impression. The blueberries looked amazing with the pancakes and I was pretty excited to dig in. The pancakes were so soft and delicate and the strong flavours of the blueberry and cream cheese were perfect together. The dish was both decadent and felt quite light but overall it was damn satisfying.




Oreo Cheesecake – LKR450



At first glance, this was one GIGANTIC PORTION and not meant for one person (although I can see myself eating the whole thing). As a no-bake cheesecake the flavour of the base was quite mild which gave way to the flavour of the Oreo to come through. 



Tea Avenue is known for its good food and amazing beverages and their newest outlet deliveries all of these in one of Colombo’s prime locations.

With the Christmas season coming up they are having a lot of offers and some special items (Christmas pudding and a special hot chocolate to name some) so keep an eye out!

Tip – Their “lavish” range is my favourite and you have to check out their new specials!