Spinner Cafe

2019 Oct 7

Open Time:

6 AM - 10 PM


479, Talawathugoda Rd, Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte


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This place is a cyclist’s paradise – a legit cool biker den. What’s more interesting is that they have bicycles everywhere; they even have one hung on the wall. You can dine indoors or outdoors in a cozy, artistic and chilled out ambience which is perfect for meals with family and friends.


Being healthy and looking good are two main rules to live by, but, does this necessarily mean you have to eat less or stay away from the yummy side of life? Nope! We had a full-on buffet here at Spinners café because they’ve managed to bring out super healthy yet tasty food with the use of the new Flora margarine that’s great for your heart.


Heart Healthy Menu

Pasta Shredded Chicken, Tri-colour Bell Pepper – LKR 420

A well-balanced plate of pasta. It’s a very generous portion that consists of less carbs with more chicken, bell pepper, tomatoes, onion, garlic and basil. The butter along with the different herbs they had used gave it a wonderful Italian flavour that reminded me of a homemade pasta. It looks visually pleasing and was garnished in an elegant manner.


Thai Chicken with Tomatoes and Basil – LKR 490

Skinned and boneless chicken that’s flavoured with a touch of spice, paprika, garlic, tomato, anchovy paste and mushrooms served with a portion of rice. It looked very appetizing and was garnished well. The chicken tasted great with a strong basil flavour. The dish is very healthy and is worth what you pay.


Chicken Roti Sandwich – LKR 360

The chicken roti sounded very appetizing and I was quite excited to try it. It’s a light meal that consists of roti stuffed with grilled chicken, onion, spinach and spices. The roti had a good crunch to it and added that Sri Lankan vibe to the menu. But, I would prefer it with a bit more spice.


Chicken Manioc Kottu – LKR 550

Very interesting combination of chicken, manioc and vegetables that have been combined into a healthy kottu. The dish looked fantastic and tasted great with its spicy feel. It was served with a bull’s eye egg and the chicken was tender and delicious. We approve!


Chicken Sandwich – LKR 520

Four slices of toasted bread stuffed with the nutrition of sliced chicken, spinach, tomatoes, salad leaves and an egg. It tasted as scrumptious and colourful as it looked. It’s a very healthy sandwich to have for breakfast. The sandwiches too tasted very homemade so I really liked it!


Veg Delight Sandwich – LKR 380

This serves a good purpose for any vegetarian foodie, it’s quite visually appetizing! This sandwich is also stuffed with goodness of different vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, salad leaves, cucumber, purple cabbage and onions. The cabbage and salad leaves add a nice crunch to it.


Tuna Salad – LKR 720

Definitely the prettiest dish that’s stuffed with vegetables, olives, tomato and a generous amount of tuna! The salad is great for what you pay. It’s served with bread (white/brown) and a lovely dressing. First of all the bread is crispy and the butter makes it super yum! Also, the dressing is superb –  I loved the touch of rosemary. But I prefer the rosemary to be chopped into finer bits.


Banana and Oatmeal Pancake – LKR 350

Warm and soft pancakes with fresh banana and oatmeal, it’s the perfect way to start your day if you want to indulge your sweet tooth yet remain healthy. 


Brownie – LKR 220

The brownie was firm and not too sweet, the use of margarine instead of butter was the main health-related factor of this dish. I have quite a sweet tooth so this was the only dish I didn’t want to share with anyone!


Overall it’s a pretty cool spot with a comfy seating and great music to wind down and relax. The café also had plenty of books for adults and games for kids to keep themselves occupied. The food is mild as a health factor. They have the friendliest staff that’s ready to help and serve at any time. Spinner Café is a great place for anyone; you get to ride a bicycle, stay fit, have fun and mainly enjoy some good food!


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