Restaurant Reviews Lucuma Vegan Café

Lucuma Vegan Café

2021 Aug 24

Open Time:

10 AM to 08 PM


09, Cambridge Terrace, Colombo 07


A minute’s walk from the Sampath Platinum Plus Center

Contact No

0771 333 668


Luxurious Vegan Delicacies for the Mind, Body and Soul.

Lucuma Vegan Café is soon to be the talk of the Colombo dessert district! We followed the breadcrumbs to find this brand new café that served up some exquisite vegan creations. The game-changer for Lucuma is their dessert range. Even if you are non-vegan, these carefully crafted treats are sure to impress. Most items are quite pricy, but the high-quality ingredients and the in-house food making process demand the raise. The cafe uses Aquafaba instead of eggs which is a perfect binding agent for vegan delicacies. All treats are gluten-free, white sugar-free, eggs and lactose-free.

Read on for the café experience!


Cappuccino Vegan Coffee with Caramel (LKR 630)

A decent and frothy drink. The caramel had a thick texture and tasted great that I wanted to ask for more. Better coffee surely exists outside the doors of Lucuma Vegan Café, but this was good for a vegan beverage. You may find the cups a little peculiar but cute! Can we have more representation, please?


Pumpkin Cream Soup with Mango, Pistachio and Sweet Corn (LKR 990)

A comforting and velvety smooth soup. The taste of pumpkin and pistachio shines through and the mild crunch of pistachio makes it complete. Simple presentation and welcoming colours add to its goodness. A light but pleasantly filling addition to your meals.

Beet and Nori Salad (LKR 1,200)

This Russian style salad is a dome of colourful goodness. Layered with beetroot, nori, avocado, carrot, potatoes and vegan homemade mayonnaise, what I liked the most is its presentation. The flavours are balanced and one does not overpower the other. Do tell us your thoughts in the comments if you chance across this one.

Chickpea Frittata (LKR 990)

Although visually delightful and a dish of culture, the frittata didn’t sit well with my expected flavour profile. The mouthfeel of it wasn’t the best. The salad however was impressive. Fresh veggies, cherry tomatoes and the sour and sweet flavour of the pomegranate seeds added to the flavour and presentation.


Pistachio Raspberry (LKR 1,050/PC)

Let’s spell EXQUISITE backwards and forwards. It is vegan and excellent. It is gluten-free, lactose-free and white refined sugar-free. How does it taste so rich we wondered? The owner wasn’t hesitant to spill the beans. Pistachio cream, raspberry compote, almond flour and white vegan chocolate are some of the high-quality ingredients that go into its making. Layered between a soft biscuit, this cake is good enough to please your sweet cravings and healthy enough to suit most dietary restrictions. Every flavour came through so well. So many ingredients and no lingering aftertaste!

Wagon Wheels (LKR 475/PC)

Crunchy guilt-free cookies with happiness in the middle! Filled with cashew custard cream and raspberry jam, these cookies are flavoured with organic vanilla extract. Covered with dark Belgian chocolate, the excellent chocolatey flavours and the soft coconut crunch were prominent. Chia raspberry jam didn’t cut through as much, but it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Ferrero Rocher Candy (LKR 390/PC)

Nobody would say no to a ball of Ferrero, right? Trust us, vegan Ferrero balls can taste just as good with no impact on your health. Vegan dark chocolate, kithul syrup, hazelnut and cocoa butter rolled into one buttery bliss-ball. Loved the crunch and taste.

White Cashew Chocolate with Strawberry (LKR 1,570)

While it is a pricy bar of chocolate, you may not find this healthy, creamy and decadent chocolate bar anywhere else. It is pure excellence for a vegan chocolate bar. Cashew butter, strawberry powder, cocoa butter, coconut milk powder and coconut sugar deliver the taste of vegan luxury. I don’t remember the last time I had chocolate this perfect. Need I say more?

Chocolate Strawberry Candy (LKR 360/PC)

By this time, I had stopped believing these desserts are all vegan. Each dessert was in a league of its own. Crunchy almond chocolate and strawberry almond praline are layered in the middle with vegan chocolate glaze. Silky smooth, crunchy and tasteful.


Lucuma Vegan Café is very much new in town and yet to go full-fledged on its interiors. It is nestled in a quiet corner in Cambridge Terrace, and the pastel-coloured premises got a seating capacity of around 25-30 people. Indoor plants and quirky accents here and there added to its simplistic look. We await a revisit once they are fully functional with a refined ambience.

Salads and soups here were all right, but the game-changer for Lucuma Vegan Café is their dessert range. The staff is very friendly and will perhaps even let you taste their healthy coconut sugar! The friendly owner let us in on an exciting secret while sitting down for a chat. Expect vegan ice creams, new cake flavours and a range of mocktails to complement their current menu in the near future. If you’d like to indulge in their vegan goodness without stepping out of your home, they are also available on UberEats.

One thing is for certain, both vegans and non-vegans will be served a very fulfilling dessert experience that spells luxury and decadence in every way.

They provide their own delivery services and are available on Uber Eats as well. Simply contact them via messenger or reach out at 0771 333 668.

Try out what they have on offer and prove us right!

Tip: Have a go at their vegan homemade chocolate bars. Pricy, but worth it.