Restaurant Reviews Crepe Runner Café

Crepe Runner Café

2021 Apr 9

Open Time:

2 pm - 10 pm (Tuesday to Thursday) and 2 pm - 11 pm (Friday to Sunday)


Marine drive, Kollupitiya, Colombo 03


Near the HNB on Marine drive

Contact No

0772 260 037


Housed on the all-too-familiar coastal strip Marine drive, Crepe Runner is a charming little eatery facing the ocean and offers the perfect spot to enjoy panoramic views of our Lankan sunsets. With a varied range of both sweet and savoury crepes, Crepe Runner is a fusion of traditional French street food with a mix of Sri Lankan soul. They offer a fairly extensive range of crepes, fries and drinks leaving you with plenty of choices and a satisfied appetite.



Lime Mojito (LKR 250)

The Lime Mojito is a drink that is both cool and refreshing, making it an ideal choice to beat the scorching heat. It is different from your average mojito as this one is made with soda, giving you that extra fizzy kick. Although the tangy taste of lime is evident, there are subtle undertones of mint, making it well-rounded and not too sugary, perfect for those that love zesty bursts of citric flavour. 

Keep in mind, it is a virgin-mojito, so feel free to let your kids splurge in on this mix too.  

Vanilla Crunch Milkshake (LKR 400)

There are pieces of nuts incorporated in the milkshake giving it just the right amount of “crunch” so as not to take away from the main showrunner which is the strong vanilla flavour.

However, the milkshake teetered more towards the milkier side and wasn’t as thick and frothy in consistency as one would envision. Nevertheless, this sweet refreshment was satisfying all the same and is fully worth the price in relation to the sizeable quantity they serve.

Hot Chocolate (LKR 400)

A classic beverage recommended by the staff at Crepe Runner, it is regarded as one of their fast-moving and best-selling items. This hot chocolate made for the star of the show. The creamy, intense hot drink tastes like a blend of melted milk chocolate followed by a frothy and foamy layer with a quintessential marshmallow on top to complete the concoction.



Loaded Fries – Cheese on Fries (LKR 450)

The Cheese on Fries is a culmination of white sauce, cheese and spices drizzled on top of a mountain of French fries. This dish offered a pleasant twist as although it looks like a fiery combo topped with chilli flakes, oregano and other herbs and spices, the white sauce and cheese gave the dish more of a sweeter taste. Whilst the cheese topping remained mostly on top and did not really seep through to the bottom to reach all the fries, it is definitely one for the books and makes for a unique dish.



Savoury Crepes – Minced Chicken (LKR 400)

An enticing combo of mixed chicken, herbs and cheese, this savoury crepe is both satisfying in terms of quality and quantity. The filling was cloaked with a thick layer of top-quality hot melted cheese, tender chicken cooked with spices, pickles and crunchy onion slices. The hefty dollop of cheese ties together the dryer ingredients and brings in a subtle hint of sweetness.

Savoury Crepes – Cheese Fantasy (LKR 400)

The name “Cheese Fantasy” rings true for this dish as it oozes a daring three-cheese combo. This meal also featured sliced onions and pickles served with a drizzle of ketchup. The crepe itself was perfectly thin and crispy around the edges making for the perfect base for the rest of the dish.



Classic Sweet Crepes – Nutella and Oreo (LKR 450)

The Nutella and Oreo crepe is a must-try. For one, the ingredients are 100% authentic, and you are guaranteed to get a generous spread of Nutella alongside small chunks of crunchy Oreo cookies wedged in between. This classic crepe is perfect for all cookie-cream fanatics.

Combo Sweet Crepes – Nutella + KitKat + Strawberry (LKR 500)

For those that love a good chocolate and strawberry combo, the Nutella + KitKat + Strawberry crepe makes for a decadent treat. Even though it may seem like an overpowering combination, the Nutella and KitKat work well with the crepe as the strawberries cut the sweetness by just the right amount, bringing in that punchy and fruity element.



Crepe Runner offers a pleasant, charming atmosphere with bright lighting running alongside the bold yellow and white venue, creating an eccentric ambience. On one side you can soak in the view of the ocean, and on the other, you’ll find an open kitchen donned with a white marbled countertop. The small space and seating area further add to the appeal.

Crepe Runner is the perfect stop-over to splurge on a quick meal and enjoy the most interesting combinations of crepe fillings!

Tip – Pair the minced chicken crepe with the hot chocolate as it gives you the best of both sweet and savoury.