Restaurant Reviews Cheeseheads Sri Lanka | One Galle Face Mall

Cheeseheads Sri Lanka | One Galle Face Mall

2019 Dec 14

Open Time:

10:00am - 10:00pm


Food Studio, One Galle Face Mall, Colombo 00100


Lower Ground, Food Studio



Trying out one of the many stops at Food Studio’s latest outlet at One Galle Face Mall, Cheeseheads is a diner-style food outlet serving classic American food, with a curated menu of four items to choose from, Smokey Mac n Cheese, Beef/Chicken Cheese Burger and Loaded Belgian hand-cut Fries along with a miniature range of add-ons.



Beef Burger with Belgian-cut Fries – LKR 900



Simple presentation and appealing to any cheese fanatic! Good old authentic fries are hard to find around Colombo, however, these guys got it right! Super soft, chunky moist fries served with well seasoned spicy mayo dip, that blend and sit well on the palette. Onto bigger things, the burger itself should be the comfort food lovers go-to, layered with tomatoes and red leaf lettuce held together with their secret sauce and melting mozzarella topped off with its smokey juicy beef patty. Unlike most burgers that lose all structural integrity a couple of bites in, these burgers say put throughout that makes for a less messy and enjoyable foodie experience.  


Smokey Mac n Cheese – LKR 900



If American food joints should get something right, it’s their mac n cheese! Hoping for an indulgent and creamy experience, we got something rather bland and a little dry. The overall meal could’ve used a bit more cheese and seasoning to pull it together. Although the green chilli added a great kick and blend, it overpowered the dish, had there been a creamier, cheesier sauce this ratio would’ve been much more balanced. The smoked Scamorza had great flavour addition, however, wasn’t well portioned and was scarce.


Chicken Burger – LKR 800



Having two burger options on their current menu, the beef and chicken option. This burger comes with a hearty ratio of meat patty to lettuce and tomato. However, this burger also tastes similar to a club sandwich or a mock “BLT”, with a generic flavour palette it may not stand out in a way that would make us want more. A bit more texture and flavour would’ve been a better experience for the price point.