Be.K Desserts

2019 Dec 16

Open Time:



Lower Ground, Food hall, One Galle Face mall, Colombo 00100


Lower Ground, Food hall, One Galle Face Mall


Korean delights at a reasonable price

Opening its doors for the first time in Sri Lanka, Be.K offers a very satisfactory experience. There was a quirky range of desserts to choose from and we watched closely as our orders were made by friendly staff who explained our desserts to us. These deceptively light desserts are not for the light-hearted. Each fairly priced portion can easily serve two people.



Rainbow Taro (LKR 650)

The Rainbow Taro carries a dominant blueberry flavour which, coupled with the texture of the shaved ice, goes perfectly together. It also came with a heap of fresh strawberries and Froot Loops, topped off with a crispy thin wafer. If you have ever wondered what a rainbow could possibly taste like, this would come pretty close, with the mini jelly and berries complementing the flavour tones.


Milk Tea (LKR 550)

This one is for every self-respecting Sri Lankan. We all love our tea and there is no reason you should not have tried this by now. The best thing to happen since iced tea is frozen milk tea and this concoction of shaved ice topped with jelly and chocolate cereal and a signature wafer is reminiscent of a time we dipped biscuits into our evening kiri thé and wanted nothing more. This dessert is definitely an upgrade we can all get behind!

Matcha and Red Bean (LKR 650)

The health conscious flavour palette may take some getting used to. However any matcha lover can appreciate Be.k’s take on this tea. The texture of the shaved ice and soft red beans went perfectly with the added flavors from the Froot Loop cereal and crunchy signature wafer. We enjoyed every bite!


The pleasant staff contributes to the awesome experience, painstakingly explaining each dessert to us. Located in the food court, Be.K does not have a designated seating area but there is communal seating within the food courts as well as a small portion beside the Be.K station that works well for a quick chat over frozen goodies.

Tip – For those willing to integrate more palettes to their food reportoire, the Milk Tea option is a great gateway to this fun korean dessert.