Entertainment All-round Superstar Ronnie Leitch passes away

All-round Superstar Ronnie Leitch passes away

2018 Oct 1

Singer, comedian and actor Ronnie Leitch has passed away from cardiac arrest in Perth whilst on a tour of Australia early this morning. The all-round superstar has had a large impact on every Sri Lankan’s life from fond memories of belting out the words to popular baila track Kauda Bole Alice to laughing our hearts out to Magodi Godai, he became a household name over the years and an icon of entertainment in Sri Lanka.

Leitch began his career in entertainment at an early stage of 8 years old, participating in an All Island Talent Contest and has since taken the industry by storm. Fondly known as “Thattaya”, he had always dreamt of being the lead vocalist in a band. Performing with popular singing groups over the years such as Pioneers, Haze and Super Golden Chimes, Leitch eventually found his place with the Gypsies, performing far and wide and travelling the world since then.

With almost 20 movies under his belt, Ronnie Leitch is responsible for pioneering a large portion of Sri Lankan entertainment. Always kept alive in our fond memories of him, though gone, he will never be forgotten.


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