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JAT Living opens up a new paradigm by providing reliable and trusted residences in premium locations

2016 Jun 9

JAT Living was incorporated with a clear focus on the real estate development sector to design and build “Homes” and “Residencies” with exclusivity. Thanks to the powered backing of its parent flagship, “JAT Holdings” the grand magus in furniture and finishing industry in Sri Lanka, JAT Living is poised to usher a new world of exciting projects promising to deliver upon their stringent vision to facilitate immaculate construction and development solutions as a reliable and trusted developer with some pristine residencies on offer and in the pipeline.

Since the company is being driven with a vision for perfection, its mission and objectives are to provide absolute value to the potential customer. Quality after all cannot be compromised. Therefore, JAT Living has etched inimitable brand equity by inculcating its core values and vision to begin the development on state- of-the-art residencies that offer comfort and luxury with tranquility and peace of mind.

JAT Image 01 - View of a Bedroom

JAT Living is currently involved in developing a 24 unit luxury residential tower in Nawala and a 72 unit apartment complex in Pagoda, as well as been immersed in developing a spectacular residential city hosting 104 houses in Hanthana, Kandy. In the construction industry the location is a pivotal factor for patrons and clients. Therefore all the development projects are at premium locations with an emphasis given to accessibility, convenience and the highest standards of living. At the essence of JAT’s building concept lies the valuable emphasis on building “Homes” and not merely luxurious residencies to live in. That is a vital factor and integral contributor to our impetus to design and develop spellbinding properties with character and personality that make a fantastic abode transcend into a fabulous home.

From architecture, to the cost factor and amenities JAT Living perpetually delivers something that’s beyond and within, something that’s magical and yet familiar. The company offers greater convenience to our customers by arranging several financial options when purchasing a JAT Home, never the ones to compromise standards or shirk quality; JAT Living is a stalwart conglomerate that provides majestic quality with meticulous attention to every detail in perfect picturesque locations offering unadulterated convenience, giving our clients something more.