Hotel Reviews Sky Pavilion (Kandy) – Reviewed

Sky Pavilion (Kandy) – Reviewed

2017 Jul 1

Located merely 2km from the town of Kandy, this luxury villa rests on a hill surrounded by lush greenery with breathtaking views of the Kandyan hills. While also having easy access to the town, this beautiful property comprises of 4 beautiful bedrooms; 3 of which we had a chance to kick back and relax in, away from our busy city routines.

The greatest part of the Sky Pavilion is how they live up to their name, since the sky is truly your companion when it comes to the early misty mornings. Also, every room holds some exception as the rooms are not at all the same. Each room comes with their own specialty so make sure you choose the one best suited for you!



Below are the descriptions of the rooms on a full board basis, during the low season.

  • “Ankaa”/ “Aquila”  – USD 250

These two rooms are simply comfy and cozy! The décor is quite pleasant as the entire room is just bathed in white, consisting of soft hues to complement it. Opening out to the Sky Deck on the top most floor of the villa, Ankaa and Aquila offers an amazing view at the comfort of your bed. Opening up the French windows to breathe in the fresh air of the hills, these rooms makes you feel like you have your own room in the midst of the clouds.


  • “Andromeda” – USD 250, USD 330 (Triple Full Board)

This family room consists of the most beautiful furniture and interior décor. Washed in white, this room consists of a massive bed, love seat, table, chairs and a matching wardrobe. This was the biggest room out of the 4, considering that this also acts as a family room for the bigger crowd.


  • “Cygnus” – USD 280

This luxurious double room had to be my favorite out of the lot! Located on the 1st floor, this room just screams romance and intimacy. No room can express privacy and “escape” better than this room does. Consisting of a glass partitioned bathroom with an outdoor tub, what better way to relax than getting into a tub full of warm water to bask in the cold environment around you! Legend has it that this room was named after the constellation Cygnus, which also represents the swan form that was adopted by Zeus during his romantic escapades, so if you were to “get down to business”, this room would be ideal for newlywed couples.



The food at Sky Pavilion is very simple and rather low key. They food is amazing and very flavorsome. Keep in mind that the chefs are quite generous with the spices, so if you’re not a fan, let them know beforehand so they can cater to your needs.


They say breakfast is the meal of kings, evidently Sky Pavilion practices this concept to a great extent! Laying a massive Sri Lankan breakfast spread, they surely did the trick in waking us up! This meal consisted of String Hoppers, Pol Roti and Kiri Bath that was complemented with curries such as Dhal, Chicken Curry and a side of Pol Sambol. They also had a bowl of fresh fruits, fruit juices and special Lankan sweet meats for after the hearty meal. The curries had the right amount of spice and we couldn’t complain about the vast array of flavors we experienced during our breakfast that day!


The fun part about our lunch is that we got to cook it ourselves! Sky Pavilion offers special cooking classes, hosting their resident chef. We had a ball of a time experimenting with different local spices and couldn’t contain our excitement when it came to lunch! Featuring rice and curry, we had many dishes such as brinjal moju, chicken, pumpkin, lady’s fingers, etc. The best part about this is we got to season the dishes according to our personal preference! Sky Pavilion is truly a home, away from home.


For Dinner we opted to get something less heavy since we had a feast for our previous two meals. So we settled for simple fried rice with a side of devilled chicken. The fried rice had some sort of onion sambol, that I wasn’t particularly a fan of.. but hey! Sky Pavilion did so little to disappoint.



Other than the rooms and the restaurant, Sky pavilion also has a couple of lounges that guests could stay at leisurely. They have magazines, board games, etc. and a few decks to sit on for either your evening cup of tea or simply for alfresco dining. They also have a pool if you want to go for a swim during any time of the day.

As mentioned previously, we had the pleasure of participating in a cooking class which resulted in us making our own lunch that day. The Chefs were incredibly polite (and might I say, patient) with us, making it a great experience all round.

Sky Pavilion also hosts different types of excursions so you wouldn’t have to stay in your room all day (although it does feel hard to leave), such as trips to the town and nearby places of heritage.


All in all, Sky Pavilion is an absolutely majestic villa. The scenery, the ambience and the surrounding nature are just a few things that would make your trip to this hotel absolutely worth it. If you’re looking to get a place that’s not too pricey but is also satisfactory, I suggest you check this one out!