Hotel Reviews The Marina (Bolgoda) – Reviewed

The Marina (Bolgoda) – Reviewed

2017 Jul 22

The Marina – Bolgoda is an exclusive members only club that caters to individuals who enjoy nature and like to live an active life outside the borders of the city. The membership at The Marina allows you to make use of their many facilities such as their dining areas, pool, Jacuzzi, watersports, etc. overlooking the beautiful Bolgoda Lake. However they do offer day passes to non-members so you’ll be able to grasp an insight of The Marina before going ahead with the membership.

Food                           ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

Drinks                         ☺ ☺ ☺

Opening times             8.30 am – 5.30 pm (Weekdays only. Weekends on call)

Overall                        ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

Day Pass – Package Rates per person

Gold – Rs. 7,100

  • Jet Ski Ride (10 min)
  • Tube Ride (5 min)
  • Pool & Hot Water Jacuzzi
  • Meal – Lunch/Dinner

Silver – Rs. 5,600

  • Jet Ski Ride (10 min)
  • Pool & Hot Water Jacuzzi
  • Meal – Lunch/Dinner

Bronze – Rs.2,800

  • Pool & Hot Water Jacuzzi
  • Meal – Lunch/Dinner


Available Activities and Amenities

  • Boating
  • Jet Skiing
  • Tube Rides
  • Pool
  • Hot Water Jacuzzi
  • Lounge & Reading room
  • Conference & Business Area
  • Dining



Melon Cooler – Rs. 400

This dull red drink consisted of not just watermelon but pineapple and slices of lime as well. The consistency was well balanced, since bad watermelon juices are very watery usually. However, this drink had the right ratio of melon to water, making it thick and creamy. The Melon Cooler was not only sweet but tangy as well, and the slightly ginger aftertaste we got just put things onto a whole new level.


Ginger Fizz – Rs.400
Talking about more ginger! For those of you who love ginger infused drinks, this should be your go-to drink at The Marina! We were a little skeptic about how this drink was going to taste because it could go both ways, however we were pleasantly surprised with the expertise that went into using the right amounts of the elements in the drink to bring out each flavor so brilliantly!

Since there were pieces of crushed ginger within the drink, there was quite a strong taste of ginger. It does leave you feeling the fizz down your throat, but in a good way! While still strong, it was not too overpowering and the lime just complemented the flavor even more!


Passion Mojito – Rs.600
I wasn’t much of a fan of this drink simply because it was just too sour! Although I didn’t prefer it, it wasn’t a bad drink. It was rich in passion fruit (thus the tangy-ness) and quite dense with the pulp. For those of you who prefer sour drinks, consider this your ultimatum.


Blueberry Mojito – Rs.600

This drink was very pigmented since there were a lot of blueberries that went into the single glass of Blueberry Mojito. This drink consisted of slices of lime as well, bringing in a little touch of acidity on to your palette. You can’t go wrong with blueberries and just like that, The Marina did a great job as well.




Crispy Chicken Tenders with Fries & Aioli – Rs.750

The presentation of this dish was simply beautiful! The Crispy Chicken Tenders were plated on a thick wooden platter with a side of French fries, ketchup, garlic paste & chili sauce. I really liked how well the chicken was fried since the outer layer was nice and crispy whereas the meat within was super moist and succulent. The fries were also fried to perfection since you could evidently see the lovely golden brown color, not to mention the variety of sauces to indulge yourself in.


Crusted Calamari with Wasabi Cream – Rs.650

I’d have to say that the star of this dish was not the Calamari, but the Wasabi cream instead! We really loved how well The Marina’s special Wasabi sauce went hand in hand with the Calamari rings. The Wasabi was mixed in what we assumed was mayonnaise, since it did tone down the spiciness of the Wasabi. The Calamari rings were very fresh and crunchy and we had a great time cleaning the plate!


Tempura Tiger Shrimps with Basil Hoisin Sauce – Rs.900

These Tiger shrimps were extremely fresh and crunchy. One thing about The Marina is how well their plating skills are that we just had to stop and take a picture! The shrimps also came with slices of lime that we could squeeze over it, bringing out new flavors to the dish.

Devilled Sausages – Rs.550

What’s a day out without some devilled sausages eh? If there’s one thing Sri Lankans can’t go wrong with, it has to be devilled food items. We like spice just how we like our curries. However for Rs.550, I found the portion too small since it was just a small bowl of chopped devilled sausages. However (needless to say), they were extremely flavorsome.



Chicken Quesadilla – Rs.1500

This dish consists of 3 chicken quesadillas, each of which include chicken, bell pepper, cheese and onions. The meat of the chicken is quite juicy and the texture of the bell pepper cuts right through. Considering that the quesadilla is a Mexican food, we weren’t surprised since it was also mildly spicy. The tortilla wrap was very thin and soft, in contrast to the components within it. This dish also came with a side of crunchy potato wedges and ketchup.

Marina Special BBQ Beef Wrap – Rs.1200

This wrap consists of roast beef, mustard sauce and bell pepper… might I say, which was absolutely heavenly! There’s nothing like having a good swim in the pool and heading on over to the restaurant to help yourself to this BBQ beef wrap. It was incredibly flavorsome and well worth the price.

Pineapple Salsa topped Pan Fried Fish Fillet – Rs.450

This dish consisted of fish fillets along with fries and garlic sauce. The fries were incredibly good just like the previous few dishes and the fillets were fried well too. It was seasoned well and was quite filling.


Chicken Fried Rice – Rs.750

For 750 bucks, I didn’t see the point of paying so much for an ordinary portion size of fried rice when you can get a larger quantity from outside for the same price. However this rice did have flavor and was quite moist, going well with the previously mentioned Devilled Sausages. The rice was topped off with shavings of carrot and leeks, while tossed in eggs and fried chicken.


Penne Alfredo Di Pollo – Rs.1400

This dish was well worth the money, because SO MUCH CHEESE! The penne pasta was simply drowning in a sea of cheese and I couldn’t be happier! The pasta was cooked well and the chicken was well seasoned. It wasn’t too salty and had just the right amount of flavor.


It wasn’t just the food that we were happy about on our visit to The Marina – Bolgoda. The little club offered services of many things, all with a lovely smile. Ranging from the water excursions to chilling under the cabanas and of course stuffing ourselves with food, The Marina is the perfect place to be if you want to get away from the city (but not too far away) for some relaxing.