Health & Beauty 3 Common Reasons for Hair Damage in Sri Lanka

3 Common Reasons for Hair Damage in Sri Lanka

2018 Oct 22

Having healthy, lustrous hair has long been an important standard of beauty in Sri Lanka.  Maintaining such hair, unfortunately, remains a tough feat. Tempting as it is to move on with our lives, rocking a frizzy, dry mane that renders us a display of homelessness, some of us need to occasionally make an attempt to look presentable.

Lanka’s humid climate and our diets certainly play a key role in hair damage. Unfortunately, it can also be chalked down to smaller habits we have adopted over the years. Our hair care routines may very well be a glaring reason for that dreaded dryness and scantiness. There’s a simple solution, however. You simply have to recognize where you’ve been going wrong. To help you along, here’s a list of the most common habits that tend to damage hair

1. Always tying your hair up

Wearing your hair up is often the go-to strategy when dealing with Lanka’s sweltering heat so this next truth may just vex you. Regularly tying your hair up or pulling your hair tightly away from your face can put a considerable amount of strain on it. This can weaken your hair follicles, making it vulnerable to hair loss and split-ends. But don’t worry, you don’t have to refrain from wearing your hair up entirely- just switch up your styles on occasion (perhaps a low bun?) to give your hair a much needed break from all that tension.

2. Washing with very warm water

As wondrous as it is to relieve your tension with a soothing hot water bath, it might very well have some adverse effects on your hair. Hot water showers can open up your pores and serve as a great exfoliate but over time, can damage your scalp. Warm water strips your hair of its natural oils and moisture. Brittleness, increased breakage and loss in volume are sure signs that your hot water showers are taking their toll.

3. Picking at Split Ends

Busy lifestyles and schedules make us rush through hair drying processes, such as vigorously toweling hair and running your brush through your tangled ends without the appropriate gentle care. But did you know this can weaken your hair and strip it of its protective layer? This, amongst other factors such as rough styling, exposure to hot sun and lack of nourishment, may inevitably lead to split ends.

These are just a few habits that often pass as disguised terrors when maintaining healthy hair. Avoid these habits and consider deep conditioning. You’ll be able to gain and conserve healthy, glowing hair in no time!