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2021 Nov 28


Nilini Wijewickrama, a past Musaeite, always had a knack for being creative with garments.

“My mother is also very talented in designing; with her guidance, I was able to get into this industry,” Nilini expressed.

Coming from a family that owns a garment manufacturing company, she was exposed to designing different garment materials since she was a little girl. Her passion for garments and fashion design only strengthened as she obtained her education from Lanka Institute of Fashion Technology and Raffles University in Singapore.

She started her little empire ‘Home Covers’ a year ago, by curating cute designs for a range of machine embroidered products.

She designs and embroiders a range of products including cushion covers, pillowcases, baby cot covers and baby bed sheets. She gives her customers the freedom to customise the product according to their style and any design they like. Her customers could show sample pictures of designs, and she would design the product for them while adding a subtle twist of her own to the required design!

No successful business is born without challenges to overcome. For Nilini, the biggest challenge was to accommodate last-minute changes from customers who were unable to make up their minds on a design.

Further, with the import restrictions and the constant lockdowns that came about with the COVID-19 pandemic, Nilini faced many challenges concerning sourcing and importing raw materials for her products. However, she mentioned that her customers are very patient with her during unexpected delays in execution.

Nilini aspires to expand her business to different sectors that come with garments, including clothing items. Her customers have also been probing her and encouraging her to design different products. So, Nilini is ecstatic about the expansion and is working towards some exciting new products and designs.

Nilini’s advice to all aspiring small business entrepreneurs out there is to start small and slowly work towards your end goal, step by step. She also advises catering to precisely what the customers require and never failing to deliver good quality products!

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