Everything else.. ‘Mannar Unbound’: A Softlogic Life partnership featuring Lanka’s lesser explored beauty

‘Mannar Unbound’: A Softlogic Life partnership featuring Lanka’s lesser explored beauty

2018 Dec 6

Just how much of our island’s breathtaking beauty goes unnoticed? How many regions are little explored, researched or understood?
Sri Lanka is globally recognized for being a biodiversity hotspot. Yet, in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives it is easy to forget that we share this island with a plethora of other incredible beings- both flora and fauna alike. It is easy to forget to take in our surroundings and appreciate our rich Sri Lankan heritage.

Softlogic Life, Sri Lanka’s best health insurance company has now taken steps to change this reality. The company has long focused on the need to inspire and encourage Sri Lankans to follow their passions that can truly enhance their quality of life. To do this, they continuously adopt innovative processes of catering to their customers’ needs so that they live life to its fullest.

“At Softlogic Life we are fiercely proud to be Sri Lankan and always look to do good for our people and their heritage”.

Standing true to their philosophy, Softlogic Life has come to support 4 Sri Lankan professionals – Dr. Thilak Jayaratne, Dr. Janaka Gallangoda, Ms. Tamara Fernando, and Mr. Nadika Hapuarachchi – with a passion for wildlife photography and conserving Lanka’s flora and fauna. After 5 years of extensive fieldwork and documentation in Lanka’s lesser explored Mannar region, these 4 Sri Lankans have authored and partnered with Softlogic to launch their creation: “Mannar Unbound”, a photographic documentation of Mannar’s biodiversity and historic landscapes.
Softlogic Life, in their commitment to sustainable living and conservation of natural resources, not only inspired these authors to launch Mannar Unbound but also call on our fellow Lankans to appreciate this documentation for what it is – an effort to increase our appreciation for Lanka’s natural beauty as well as an attempt to strengthen our efforts in preserving this beauty before it is much too late.
“At Softlogic Life, our strategic objectives are always integrated closely with our sustainability initiatives. While protecting our world and providing a healthy environment for people of the nation, we are proactively engaged in inspiring every Sri Lankan to enthusiastically follow their passion and live their life to the fullest,” says Iftikar Ahamed, Managing Director of Softlogic Life. “The launch of ‘Mannar Unbound’ today is one such example where we identified the passion of these amazing intellectuals; they are committed towards bringing change by being passionate about conserving what is rare and beautiful. We are privileged to be a partner of their journey in launching extensive research and fieldwork done over five years. We hope that the contents of Mannar Unbound will colour and animate your sense of Mannar today, and invite you to explore as well as protect it.”

A wide genre of photography including avian photography, landscapes, underwater fauna and architectural ruins will have you exploring Mannar’s terrains amongst the nation’s rich history of the Portuguese wars and the Dutch transformations. Each single photograph chronicles a moment in time belonging to a tapestry of experiences, adventures and historical spiels.
Mannar Unbound will allow you to flip through and understand its beauty and past better than any history textbook but we must also remember that this is a calling to all to protect Mannar’s livelihood from exploitation and ensure that it remains free from damage and pollution at all costs. Why? To all the region’s inhabitants – this is their home as much as it is ours.