Everything else.. Little Miracles: a Place Tailormade for Your Kid’s Safety and Development

Little Miracles: a Place Tailormade for Your Kid’s Safety and Development

2021 Mar 11

“The first five years of a person’s life have so much to do with how the next eighty turn out.”

Bill Gates, Co-Founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Kindergarten schools are the first biggest leap in a child’s life; moving from a safe setting at home to the outside world. The best kindergarten programmes are designed to not only provide an engaging new environment but also to help smoothen the transition to the outside world by providing a safe and homely experience for the child. 

The second home for your little ones – Little Miracles

Little Miracles Pre School and Day Care Centre provides a secure and nurturing space for its children to explore themselves. “The centre was opened with the aim of providing young ones with a ‘Home Away From Home’, for them to feel their most comfortable in this crucial part of their lives,” states Ms. Hansani De Silva – Founder and Director of Little Miracles.

Established in Dehiwala, the centre delivers four learning environments:

  • Playgroup for toddlers aged 18 months to 3 years
  • Lower Kindergarten for children from 3 to 4 years
  • Upper Kindergarten for children from 4 to over 5 years 
  • Day-care facilities

Having understood that all children are unique, the above-mentioned programmes have been developed to support each child’s strengths and interests. Hansani believes that this sets apart the good from the best when it comes to kindergartens, making all the difference in the world to a child’s development. Together with this, Little Miracles offers services such as renting the premise for kids’ parties, and night-time daycare facilities.

What makes Little Miracles stand out from other preschools?

All educational programmes at Little Miracles comply with the highest of standards, focusing on play-based lessons to stimulate all parts of a growing mind; which has proven to give the best learning experience for children in this age bracket. They learn through interaction, watching, and listening, then responding with movement and touch. This removes the menace of boredom and helps children draw inspiration from their imagination. Furthermore, a healthy teacher-student ratio is maintained to give sufficient attention to all students at the centre. 

At its very core, the success of any educational institution lies with the calibre of its teachers. Early Childhood Education is a special branch of teaching as it requires unique strategies and styles to ensure that curious brains grasp what is being delivered. Additionally, developmental changes vary with age, and teachers need to design their subject curriculum keeping this in mind for different programmes. They also need to ensure social and emotional availability at all times within the learning space and playground. Therefore, all personnel at Little Miracles are highly trained and certified to make a tangible difference in the lives of their students. 

In addition to this, Little Miracles provides cheerful, bright, and spacious classrooms to create an engaging environment for learning and day-care. The walls are decked with artwork that enhances a child’s creativity and confidence when it comes to expressing themselves. Moreover, all facilities at the centre undergo frequent deep cleaning by top sanitation companies to maintain strict levels of hygiene and prevent the spread of common ailments.

Why become part of the Little Miracles family?

By positioning themselves as “Not Just a Preschool”, Little Miracles firmly believes in always putting children first; and hopes to stimulate learning through a family-based partnership. Their interactive educational programmes have been developed to showcase the institution’s love and care for their students. They also spark a child’s imagination and innovation, while teaching them to be respectful and supportive of one another.

The centre follows the local school calendar, with three semesters spaced throughout the year beginning in January. Their monthly payment plans offer an attractive fee for the services they provide. This also gives new children the chance to be enrolled at the beginning of every month, as opposed to waiting until the beginning of the next semester.

“The gaze in their eyes and the smile on their lips are clear signs of a well-engineered preschool education curriculum, and that is what we strive for your little miracles at ‘Little Miracles’,” expressed Hansani. The gates of Little Miracles are now open to give your little ones the right start to the next chapter of their lives! 

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