Everything else.. 7 Great Mother’s Day Gifts for 2021

7 Great Mother’s Day Gifts for 2021

2021 Apr 30

Back at it again with another list article, but this time for you to spoil your mother to your heart’s content! Yes, yes, we don’t need a specific day to show our mothers some extra love, but it’s nice to celebrate it nevertheless to thank them for their unconditional support, warmth and love. So what do you get this year for your beloved Amma, you ask? We’ve got you covered! Here is a foolproof list of 7 items you can buy and where you can buy them from, to put a smile on your mum’s face on a very special day.

Customised gift box

Looking to get a personalised gift for your Amma? Then, this is the perfect item for you! The stores listed here curate custom-made boxes with goodies to fit your budget.


Promising their customers a hassle-free experience, Alohomora customises aesthetically pleasing gift boxes for any occasion, and Mother’s Day is no exception. Check their specially curated gift boxes for Mother’s Day on their IG feed! Even if you’ve got a specific theme in mind, they’ve got you covered!

Instagram: @alohomora.lk


Known for their robes and popular for their customised gift boxes, Robed is a home-based business led by women with the intention to curate value-for-money gift boxes for various occasions. Check their IG highlights out for Mother’s Day gift box inspo!

Contact number: 0777 965 383
Instagram: @robedsl

The Mugshot.LK

Specialising in customised mugs, t-shirts, frames, notebooks and even candles, The Mugshot incorporates all these exciting goodies into customised gift boxes. So go ahead and get a lovely box personalised specifically for your mum!

Contact number: 0774 477 689
Instagram: @the_mugshotlk


Curating aesthetic boxes for all occasions, Boxalaté would be happy to custom-make a box for your mum this Mother’s Day. Carefully put together to spread happiness and joy, their signature boxes would be ideal to put a smile on your mum’s face.

Contact number: 0775 806 688
Instagram: @boxalate.lk

Lush Line

Lush Line is an arts and crafts store dedicated to creating personalised mugs, notebooks, aqua bottles, frames and of course gifted boxes! They’ve also launched their special Mother’s Day gift boxes so do check their IG feed to get your hands on colourful assortments for your mum!

Contact number: 0776 300 762
Instagram: @lush_linesl

Scented candle gift set/customised scented candles

Surprise your mum with a scented candle gift set customised with her go-to fragrances, or get a few personalised scented candles made to order with your mum’s favourite scents in mind.

Candle Àmore

You can now curate a gift set with Candle Àmore for any occasion with your own choice of products ranging from candle tins to even ceramic candles! They have also introduced Mother’s Day Jar Candles – available in 3 different collections: Love You Mama, Mama Relax, and You’re the Best.

Contact number: 0776 737 123
Instagram: @candleamore.lk

Candle House Ceylon

Widely renowned for their hand-poured candles, Candle House Ceylon has some unique fragrances up for grabs! Personally, I cannot get enough of their lavender candles so I was super excited to find out their newly launched Mother’s Day fragrances: Linen Lavender; Chamomile, Honey, and Vanilla; and Red Current and Cedar. They come with the cutest catchphrases!

Contact number: 0775 732 38
Instagram: @candlehouseceylon

Stardrop Candles

Another option for some absolutely beautiful and colourful candles, Stardrop Candles customises hand-poured artisan candles with pretty labels! Check their self-care boxes out, if you want to get the prettiest heart-shaped wax melts along with the candles. They also have a fantastic Mother’s day collection.

Contact number: 0771 315 253
Instagram: @stardropcandles


Offering a simple 4-step process, CandleCo is new to the customised, hand-poured, candle-making scene. First, select a jar and size, then pick your fragrance, send them a DM with the details and then make a deposit to confirm your order, which will be prepared and delivered within 4-5 days.

Contact number: 0774 765 991
Instagram: @candleco.sl

Birthstone/customised necklace

If you are willing and able to splurge a little this Mother’s Day, then this is the option for you! A birthstone necklace or even a customised necklace would be ideal to spoil your mum.

Stoned Jewelry

Ever ready to guide you if you don’t know what your mum’s birthstone is, Stoned is a great online store to get your natural gemstone fix. They even customise engraved pendants, letter pendants, and necklaces with personalised wordings in 22K gold-dipped sterling silver jewellery.

Instagram: @stonedjewelry_

Silver Bling

Ideal for birthstone necklaces and personalised name necklaces, Silver Bling, although the name suggests otherwise, does not only specialise in silver jewellery. Gold, silver and platinum are all available for their handcrafted jewellery.

Instagram: @silver_bling.lk

Ceylon Silver

On the other hand, focusing on handcrafted silver jewellery is Ceylon Silver. They should definitely be on your radar if you are looking to get a personalised gemstone pendant done for your mum. Check their feed out for inspiration!

Contact number: 0772 438 311
Instagram: @ceylon.silver

Customised plants

Is your mum a plant mum like mine? Does she keep getting plants although you already have enough in the house? Here are a few places to get a cute customised plant for your mum to nurture.

Pretty Plant Pots

Incredibly pleasing to the eye and sure to add some vibrant greenery to any space, Pretty Plant Pots customises pots for all occasions. From succulents to aloe vera to snake plants, they’ve got it all, so do not hesitate to DM them and place your order soon!

Contact number: 0773 788 967
Instagram: @prettyplantpotslk

Buds ‘N’ Plants

Speaking from personal experience after having ordered three beautiful customised potted plants, Buds ‘N’ Plants does not disappoint, no matter what your custom order may be. Also, they have the cutest herb plants, if that would be something your Amma would love!

Contact number: 0778 787 456
Instagram: @budsnplants

BUD Lifestyles & Co.

The OG store in the business in Colombo, BUD Lifestyles & Co. personalises plants for every occasion! Pick your colour, design or artwork, and size, and they will customise it exactly how you want it.

Contact number: 0777 324 123
Instagram: @budlifestyles.co

Adult colouring book

We could all use some zen energy in our lives, but mothers can especially relate to this, and what better way to help them relax than by getting them an adult colouring book?


Located at 40/1, Joseph Lane, Colombo 4, Chapters has a great selection of adult colouring books, so you can take your pick and gift it to your mum, along with a set of colour pencils for the complete self-care package.

Contact number: 0115 679 495

Art World

Art World in Dehiwala is such a dream for fanatics of all things crafty. In addition to their wide variety of stationery and crafts items, they also have adult colouring books available. However, be warned that you might change your mind once you get there; you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Contact number: 0755 968 789
Instagram: @artworld.lk


I’m an absolute fan of their collection of Kaleidoscope Colouring books. Art Therapy Mandalas, Peace and Calm Colouring and Designs for Colouring are just a few of what they have in store for you. Check their IG highlights for a look inside their adult colouring book collection.

Contact number: 0777 728 737
Instagram: @bookholicssl

Assortment of tea

This one is for those of you whose mothers love their early morning steaming cuppa! Getting an assortment of tea would broaden her options and there’s also thought in the gesture.


Heladiv has a great gift range. From wooden boxes with compartments to sustainable recycled tea paper boxes to even mini tin gift boxes, they’ve got plenty of options, and not to mention their array of flavours ranging from your usual English Breakfast to your not so usual Moroccan Mint. 

Contact number: 0114 427 600

Dilmah Ceylon Tea

You can now purchase one of Dilmah’s Organic Tea Gift Packs and get another free! This offer is available till the 31st of May so even if you are late to wish your Amma for Mother’s Day, you can surely make it up to her by gifting Dilmah’s top 4 organic brews packed in one pack, for her to enjoy up to 80 cups of freshly brewed organic tea! 

Contact number: 0114 822 000
Instagram: @dilmahceylontea

Hani Tea

Want to get your hands on some handmade speciality tea for your mum? Look no further as Hani Tea does so in small batches. We love their packaging! Place your order soon so you don’t miss out! They deliver islandwide.

Instagram: @hani.teas

Zesta Ceylon Tea

Zesta’s Assorted Tea Treat – Wooden Box should definitely be on your radar when deciding what type of assortment of tea to get your mum. Also, check out their Golden Tin Collection and Connoisseur Jars – they are as fancy as they sound!

Contact number: 0114 702 400
Instagram: @zestaceylontea

Printed canvas

While photo frames have been the norm for a long time, there’s a new contender this year. Why not get your mum a canvas with a memorable picture, or even a childhood pic, printed on it?


Having got a printed canvas done by Anim8 recently for a friend, I can honestly say that they do a good job! The quality of both the canvas and the print was great, and I was not disappointed. So if a quality printed canvas is what you want to get, Anim8 would be ideal!

Contact number: 0117 390 600
Instagram: @anim8.lk

Nine Hearts Colour Labs

Also offering canvases of various sizes, Nine Hearts Colour Labs does canvas printing as well. If there’s always been that pocket photo of you and your mum you’ve wanted to enlarge and get framed for the longest time, here’s your chance. 

Contact number: 0112 588 722


Offering one square foot at LKR. 200, depending on the size you want, Softwave undertakes orders for canvas printing. It doesn’t have to be a picture of you and your mum; it could even be a pic of her from her childhood; the more memorable, the better.

Contact number: 0112 502 295

So that’s the list guys. Do keep in mind that this list works for any motherly figure in your life, so this Mother’s Day, take a little extra effort and show just how grateful you are for the unnoticed labour that goes into motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day to all the motherly figures out there!