Uncategorized Things You Should Know About Your Style by Age 30

Things You Should Know About Your Style by Age 30

2015 Apr 29


The Right Way to Walk In Heels

By the time you’re 30, you shouldn’t be struggling to walk in heels—you should know by then that it’s all about the abs. “Keep that belly to spine and give your best sassy walk across the room,” high-heel exercise coach Freya West says. “If you practice your walk with your core in mind, soon it’ll become second nature to use that centre strength to carry you.”


Your Signature Approach to Jewellery

DO you love chunky and bold, or minimalistic and dainty—or somewhere in-between? By the time you’re 30, there should be no question how you approach your jewelry uniform. Force yourself to purge all the jewellery that has essentially become clutter in your accessories drawer—donating what you know you’ll never wear again, and keeping the pieces that mean something to you and truly capture your aesthetic.


What Silhouettes Flatter You and Which Don’t

By the time you’re 30, much of your size and shape is set—you’re not going to get shorter or taller, and though you’re sure to gain and lose weight as the years go on, it’s unlikely anything major will change. As such, it’s important to have on lock which silhouettes look best on you. Are you a midi-length-skirt kind of gal, or do above-the-knee cuts flatter you more? Do you look good in boxy shapes, or is flowy your friend? Know these things about yourself, and your 30s will be looking a whole lot more stylish.



Your Preferred Cut, Brand and Length of Jeans

Ah, jeans—the eternal struggle. By the time you turn 30, you ought to have a decent handle on the jeans that flatter you most. Not only flares vs. boyfriend cut, but also the hem length that looks best, and the core brands you know you can turn to for the best fit.


What Colours Look Best On You

This is probably a no-brainer, but by the time you’re a grown woman, it’s crucial to know which colors are your go-tos when you need something that flatters your skin tone. Sure, it’s okay to go outside of that box and experiment with colour too, but it’s nice to know with certainty (if you’re online shopping, especially) if a colour looks good on you—or doesn’t.

dress cut

The Dress Cut That Most Flatters Your Shape

We all have that one dress silhouette we absolutely adore—whether it’s A-line, backless, long-sleeved, maxi, spaghetti strap—the options are limitless. And by the time you reach the big 3-0, it’s a good thing to know about yourself. Don’t let it limit the dresses you will try on, but do let it guide you in generally in the right direction.

body parts

How to Amplify the Body Parts You Love and Conceal Those You Don’t

As the infinitely wise Kim Kardashian once told us, successful personal style is really about knowing what to show and what not to show. “Really, I think it’s just figuring out what you truly like on your body and how to accentuate that,” she told us. “If you don’t like your arms, then maybe a kimono look would look good because it has the longer sleeves to kind of cover up your arms. It just depends on what it is you’re trying to hide and highlight.” Enough said.


How to Pick Trends You Like To Try – And Those to Skip

By the time you’re 30, you should know yourself well enough to know what trends you want to pursue—and which ones you’re happy leaving behind. This will change from season to season, obviously, as the trends themselves change—but if you know your own aesthetic well enough, it should be clear whether something is for you or not.

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