Restaurant Reviews Wave Bolgoda by Singhe

Wave Bolgoda by Singhe

2021 Mar 1

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Always open


No. 14/4/H, Upper Indibedda Road, Moratuwa


Approximately 45 minutes from Colombo Fort & 10 minutes from Moratuwa

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WAVE Bolgoda by Singhe

Wave by Singhe officially began its operations on the 21st of February, 2021. An adventure boutique villa nestling on the picturesque Bolgoda lakefront, overlooking the widest point of the lake, it offers the most spectacular frame that encapsulates the essence of Bolgoda. Its concept has been in synthesis for over 4 years, and it initially began as a marina. It culminated however in becoming a sought-after destination that combines aqua adventure sports, secluded luxury accommodation and a restaurant that doesn’t fail to exceed our expectations.

Aqua Adventures

Water sports and adventures are the very heart and soul of Wave Bolgoda; it is what they are most passionate about! Wave offers a wide array of services and is certainly a paradise for the water sportsman. For the ease and convenience of the Wave patrons, for each service the hub has carefully selected a series of packages that vary in time duration and budget:

Jet Skiing

10 mins – LKR 2,500

30 mins – LKR 7,000

60 mins – LKR 14,000


20 mins (for seasoned wakeboarders) – LKR 6,500

60 mins (for beginners with ground lessons) – LKR 15,000


20 mins (for seasoned flyboarders) – LKR 6,000

45 mins (for beginners with ground lessons) – LKR 10,000

Boat Rides

20 mins speedboat ride with captain – LKR 15,000

60 mins speedboat ride with captain (20 mins riding time + 40 mins waiting time) – LKR 20,000

90 mins speedboat ride without captain (night-time package with Jet Ski on call)  – LKR 25,000

Tube Rides

2 rounds – LKR 3,500

Needless to say, we were impatient to experience the thrill and the excitement of jet skiing around Bolgoda Lake. But, there needs to be a method to the madness. From drawing attention to the importance of wearing safety jackets to tutoring us in the water in the art of jet skiing, the licensed instructors at Wave guided every step of the experience with such mastery. And the Jet Ski ride along the lake for me was one of the most exhilarating and electrifying experiences. If you are an adrenaline junkie, this will surely make you fall in love with the sport.


With 3 chefs who cumulatively have over two and a half decades of experience in the hospitality industry in both Sri Lanka and overseas, the kitchen at Wave offers cuisines of the world with an irresistible fusion of Sri Lankan flavour. Here are some of the dishes that left our taste buds tantalised.


Vegetable Pakora (LKR 1,000)

What a brilliant starter this was! The Pakora was crisp and fried to perfection and all the flavours were in delicate harmony… but that was merely the beginning. Adding to its intrigue was the dip. Prepared with mayonnaise and wasabi, the dip took this starter to a whole new level.


Mixed Grill (LKR 2,400)

This main can be summed up in one sentence; a world of flavours served on a single plate! All the meats were meticulously cooked to bring out a range of distinctive flavours while preserving a palatable tender texture. The accompaniment of vegetables rendered the meal healthy and whole.

Seafood Pasta (LKR 1,400)

The first thing I noticed about this meal was the pasta to seafood ratio; it was perfect! The pasta was creamy and delicious, but the flavours were carefully curated to ensure that they were not overpowering the seafood – allowing the seafood to infuse its own rich taste elevating the dish to perfection.

Honey Glazed BBQ Pork Ribs (LKR 1,800)

The chefs’ recommendation, this dish was my favourite! The preparation, as well as the presentation, was impeccable, and the savoury flavours of the BBQ pork were beautifully complemented with just the right amount of glazed honey. The taste of this dish actually reminded me of the first time I fell in love with pork. And that’s saying a lot!


Frozen Yoghurt (LKR 400 per Yoghurt)

For desserts, we tried the Frozen Yoghurt with Mango as well as the Frozen Yoghurt with Blue Berries. They were modest, but with plentiful fresh fruits adding to the flavour of each mouth, they were the perfect conclusion to a very satisfying meal.

Special mention:

Tempered ‘Irawo’

If you plan your visit to Wave just right, and it happens to be the Irawo season, this is a meal you absolutely must attempt, merely because it is so simple yet so authentic to Bolgoda. Irawo are a type of fish indigenous to Bolgoda, and they are in season only 3 to 4 months of the year. The dish is prepared in a clay pot by tempering the fish. This is served with roasted bread and freshly scraped coconut, and is nothing short of exotic!

Other experiences

Wave has the capacity to organise a host of tailor-made experiences to suit your specific desires, including bird watching, fishing excursions, visits to places of cultural significance and excursions to the nearby locality of Moratuwa renowned for its rich history of carpentry. However, let me highlight just 2 experiences here.

Sunset (Walk-in Ticket – LKR 2,500 / Pool Ticket – LKR 500)

The sunset from the shores of Bolgoda Lake is a sight to behold. A fascinating fact is that where Wave is located is actually THE best spot in the whole of Bolgoda to witness this splendour. While Wave itself offers multiple excellent vantage points for experiencing this moment, I would argue that the most ideal manner to indulge in the sunset is at the infinity pool adjacent to the lake, with a cold beer at hand, while Jazz music from the lower deck fills the air.

Romantic Island Getaway (Price – Customised according to the requirement)

If you are a couple, the second experience is specially reserved for you. How does a romantic dinner, or even going down on one knee for that big moment, on a private island sound? This unique package extended by Wave comprises a boat ride around the Bolgoda Lake that ends in the serenely lit island, a scrumptious dinner, a bottle of champagne and fireworks. You are also given leeway to craft this experience more intimate with your own personal touch, and the management and the staff would be more than delighted to assist you in creating a moment worth cherishing forever.

Other packages:

Bird Watching – LKR 5,000

Fishing – LKR 4,900

Excursions in the Lake – LKR 5,000 – 7,500

Excursion to Mount Lavinia Ship-Wreck – LKR 15,000


A stay that places emphasis on privacy and exclusivity above all else, Wave has only 2 rooms on offer; the Superior Room and the Deluxe Room. While both these rooms exude an aura of comfort and luxury, each of them cradles a distinctly unique ambience and an experience. For those who intend to spend as little time as possible in a room and only need a place to rest in the night, Wave also has a separate dormitory.

Superior Room (Full Board – LKR 9,500)

In addition to all the usual luxury amenities, this room comes with a spectacular view! When you wake up from the bed, the first sight that greets you is the magnificent Bolgoda Lake. The coffee table arrangement in front of the window on the other hand is meant for enjoying an evening tea, or perhaps something a little more intoxicating while adsorbing the unimpeded view of the sunset. Adding to the allure of this room is the Jacuzzi, which also sits beside a window that captures the lake.

Deluxe Room (Full Board – LKR 7,500)

The Deluxe Room is complete with a cosy and elegant rustic interior, and offers the same calibre of luxury as the Superior Room. Though this doesn’t come with a view, because you step out of the room directly to the upper deck, you could still fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the lake.

The Dormitory (Per Bed – LKR 1,500)

For the adventurer or the explorer whose requirements are to have a space for luggage and a comfortable bed to get a few good hours of shut-eye after a long exciting day, this would be the cheapest option and the perfect fit.


This, undoubtedly, is the final stroke of excellence that brings together all the elements that compose the unparalleled experience that is Wave Bolgoda. From the top management to the lowest rung of employees, everyone here is friendly and goes above and beyond their call of duty to be accommodating and meet all your expectations.

With the current Covid-19 situation, however, the reservations are limited. The premises only accommodates 4 groups simultaneously at any given instant ensuring that social distancing and other safety measures can be adhered to without compromise.

Tip: If you fancy a romantic dinner as the sunset turns into a starlit sky, ask for the ‘Dinner Date on Deck’ package. It is a marvellous 4-course dining experience and will only cost you LKR 3,000 – LKR 3,900 per person.