Tsing Tao

2019 Feb 14

Open Time:

11am to 3pm | 6pm to 11pm


Racecourse Promenade, Philip Gunewardena Mawatha, Colombo 07


Situated on the second floor of Racecourse Promenade

Contact No

0112 698 989


Walking into Tsing Tao, we were greeted by the immense seating capacity and great ambience. Tsing Tao consists of two floors to accommodate quite a number of people. The upper deck consists of a beautiful view of the Racecourse ground, and the staff was extremely polite and helpful.


Lychee Smoothie – LKR 428
Wanting to try something out of the ordinary, we opted for the Lychee Smoothie; which was out of this world! We were curious about how Tsing Tao would deliver in terms of quality and richness of flavor, and might I say, they deliver well. This dish came in a tall glass with a side of fresh cherry, and pieces of fresh lychee. The smoothie was milky but not too heavy, and was not overpowered with sweetness. Definitely a great drink for those who love lychee.

Fresh Lime & Soda – LKR 348

Of course when we visited Tsing Tao, it was a very hot afternoon, so we had to try something refreshing! This drink was quite tangy and left a slight fizz in your mouth. Garnished with lime and mint, the Fresh Lime & Soda served as a great palate cleanser as well.

Iced Coffee – LKR 348

What’s a lunch without some good ol’ iced coffee, eh? At just LKR 348, we received a tall glass of iced coffee that all coffee lovers would adore! Contrary to the usual, condensed milk-driven iced coffee served everywhere else, Tsing Tao has perfected this drink by making sure the caffeine element is not lost. Strong in flavor, less dense in consistency and topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to ease the bitter flavor, this drink was worth its price and then some.


Deep Fried Cheese Prawn Balls (5 PCS) – LKR 848

We were told that this dish was one of Tsing Tao’s fast moving items, and we couldn’t wait to try it out. Presented well, the small portion of this dish comes with 5 pieces of cheese prawn balls. The prawn balls had a generous amount of prawn meat, wrapped with a crispy deep-fried exterior. However, we were a little disappointed since we did not taste any cheese.

Vegetable Spring Rolls – LKR 468

The small portion of Vegetable Spring Rolls at Tsing Tao consists of 3 fairly large spring rolls. Each roll was crispy and packed with steamed vegetables, with a good balance of texture and savoury flavor. The only letdown of this dish was the fact that the spring rolls were too oily.

Tom Yum Kung Seafood Soup – LKR 738

Hands down the best Tom Yum Seafood Soup I have ever had! Initially, I was not a fan of Tom Yum since I didn’t really agree with the light density and the tang, however at Tsing Tao they tackle both these factors. The small portion of Tom Yum at Tsing Tao is enough to serve at least 3 people, with many elements such as fish, prawns, cuttlefish, mushrooms, and more. Definitely worth trying out.


Malaysian Seafood Fried Noodles – LKR 838

Although a Chinese restaurant, Tsing Tao serves up some really good Malaysian Noodles! This item consists of different types of seafood meat such as small prawns, cuttlefish, and fish, along with other elements such as carrot, leeks, cabbage, green grams, etc. Their small portion is large enough to fill 2 people and is slightly spicy, so be aware.

Hot Butter Cuttlefish – LKR 948

What’s an experience at a Chinese restaurant without some classic hot butter cuttlefish? This item had good presentation and was topped off with some fried red chili for added spice. The cuttlefish was crispy and golden, with a slight hint of salt that didn’t overpower the rest of the dish.

“HONGKONG” Style Sizzling Spicy Chicken – LKR 838

Now this was a sight to see! Arriving at our table hot and sizzling, the Sizzling Spicy Chicken was extremely fresh and delicious! At LKR 838, you are served a dish full of moist, chunky pieces of chicken, along with leeks, onions, capsicum, etc. This item is slightly salty and spicy, and pairs great with a rice or noodles dish.

Green Beans with Nuts – LKR 678

We were curious whether this item was a side or a mains dish, and were told that it was a main. A little unsure upon first sight, we weren’t convinced that this could be a main mostly due to its portion size and lack of elements. However upon digging in, we were introduced to a world of flavours. The green beans were boiled to perfection, with flavourful fresh seaweed and textured cashew nuts.


Lychees with Vanilla Ice Cream – LKR 440

After tasting the Lychee Smoothie, I was more confident that Tsing Tao would deliver a great lychee dessert as well. However, I believe my expectations were set too high. Although this item wasn’t bad, it certainly wasn’t great. Consisting of a few scoops of vanilla ice cream with a couple of lychees, the freshness and difference in texture from the lychees added to the basic vanilla ice cream.

Choc-nuts Cookies Ice Cream Sandwich – LKR 630

Unusually presented, we were intrigued as to how Tsing Tao constructed this dessert. Made of a scoop of ice cream between home-made cookies, topped off with a pouring of dark chocolate sauce, this dessert is definitely only for those with a sweet tooth. The cookie was sweet and soft and added a different texture in contrast to the milky ice cream. Keep in mind that this is a little heavy on the stomach, so make sure you leave room for dessert.

All in all, our experience at Tsing Tao was positive. Keep in mind that they do allow customers to bring their alcohol without charging corkage, as long as it’s foreign liquor.

Tip : Try the Tom Yum! You won’t regret it!


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