The Viking

2021 Feb 23

Open Time:

11 AM - 10.30 PM (Monday - Thursday) and 11 AM - 11 PM (Friday - Sunday)


No. 466, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya


Just before Super Shine Laundry on Nawala Road

Contact No

077 764 2143


Artisanal burgers at reasonable prices

A visually interesting joint whipping up an interesting menu of Sri Lankan-American fusion burgers. Here’s what we had!


Cold Pressed Juices (Chilli Pineapple) – LKR 400

This sweet and savoury summer drink is one for the books. Out of many places that attempt to get an “achcharu-esque” beverage, these guys served us a perfect balance in flavours while keeping the essence of the tropical character.

Cold Pressed Juices (Soursop) – LKR 400

The Soursop usually gets a nervous rep for being served in an establishment due to its lack of visual appeal and acquired flavour + texture profile. While this version mellowed the tart from the original fruit, it retained the subtle sugary undertones and creaminess in texture; although it could’ve used something saltier to accentuate character.

Chocolate Shake (LKR 450)

At first glance, it looks like your run-of-the-mill chocolate shake, served in a mason jar bearing an emboss of what looks like the UK flag (points for staying detailed in their theme and aesthetic). Taste is very reminiscent of our local chocolate biscuit, dunked in cold milk, making this an absolute favourite in any munchies book! 


Ceylon Loaded Fries (LKR 800)

Ever had that one place you visited for that one dish? – this contender really hits the spot! As my style of reviewing involves more people tasting the items, it was unanimous that this is something special in the Vikings kitchen!  It had an amazing portion size, and the loaded spicy toppings balanced well with the “Special Cheese Sauce” as well as the smoked paprika dry seasoning.

Chicken Karaage (LKR 550)

Now it might be confusing to have a more oriental themed item on an American-Ceylon fusion establishment, at first bite – it bore room for improvement. While the texture was more of the batter crunch than tender meat, the accompanying homemade BBQ sauce too resembled an average tomato sauce.

Beef Satay (LKR 650)

The presentation, while stunning, seemed a bit unstable for such a loaded plate. Bearing in mind that this dish, in its entirety, bears one prominent flavour – peanut sauce – it overpowered the other ingredients on the plate which was sadly underwhelming. At first bite, the visually juicy beef turned to be tougher and chewier than expected and could have used more flavour.

The fresh selection of veggies and coleslaw was a great addition – giving this dish a great value add-on.


Podduck (LKR 1200)

Here’s my ONE! The one I will definitely be coming back for! While it’s rare if at all possible to catch a place that serves a duck burger on the regular, this place also does it absolutely well! From the well-baked burger buns and meat filling to the heavenly relationship they created with their special curry sauce, it was like biting into a soft savoury cake! 

Deadly Rooster (LKR 850)

The all great American-Nashville style chicken burger lived up to its crunchy, well-seasoned bite! Although the patty was perhaps over fried and took away some of its flavour and gave it an overly tough exterior.

Nai Miris Mac N Cheese (LKR 550)

Mac N Cheese cooked with spaghetti in lieu of macaroni is an interesting option. With the first bite you know what to expect but BANG the nai miris hits you at the base of your throat! The dish had a very distinct earthy flavour along with crunchy textures on top. About the creamy spaghetti – as the rest of us liked to say, is American made Asian!

The “Hybrid” (LKR 1400)

The best of both worlds in one burger! The slow-braised beef was cooked perfectly and filled with flavour! This hearty meal served with a side of fries and fresh veggies, reminds me that this is a place that gives you value for money! Although the beef takes more space and flavour over the chicken, it balances itself well – perhaps equal amounts of both would be overkill?

The “Not-Really-Into-Meat” Burger (Vegetarian – LKR 750)

The concern with walking into a place predominantly known for its meat options is finding a vegetarian burger option on their menu. This meal was quite a dense burger and best resonates with a falafel mix in texture. Although the elements of this dish would’ve tasted fine on their own, it wasn’t a satisfying meal in one experience.

Viking Bleu (LKR 1250)

The presentation of this dish while appealing was yet again worrying – having quite a minimal space to work with while digging in proved to be worrying when parts of the meal ended up on the table. Although the dish didn’t stand out in a significant way, it simultaneously did not disappoint –  baked to perfection, the tender dark poultry meat enclosed a creamy cheese filling. This dish held its flavours fairly well.


With a very quirky aesthetic interior design, this establishment would bear two main reasons to keep folks coming back – their evolving menu and extremely friendly, supportive and respectful crew! 

Tip:  The Chili Pineapple concoction acts as a great appetizer! Does well to start with that while making your way through your meal and end with a chocolate shake.