Steady Supply

2019 Oct 3

Open Time:

7.30 am to 8 pm


Address: 50/14, Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02


Contact No

077 135 9161

Eating healthy has never been easier! is the answer to our prayers providing our bodies with a steady supply of good food (get it!?) without all the hassle that goes into making it. Steady Supply plans, prepares, and delivers meals and snacks to last you through the day.

With the aim to make a healthy lifestyle easier Steady Supply works with nutritionists, suppliers and chefs to make fresh and delicious food that actually tastes good.

They have two meal plans (three meals for LKR 1800 per day and two meals for LKR 1400 per day) which comes in both “meat-arian” and vegetarian varieties. Once you place the order and set up the date to start the plan, food for one day will be delivered by 12pm.



Detox Tea

A blend of floral aromas, a light citrus flavor and the deep astringency of the tea was the perfect start for my taste test and I can imagine how awesome it might be to sip this after a long day. The flavour of the lemongrass was especially potent and I loved it.



Lemongrass Shooter

This was everything I was expecting from a shooter and more! The flavour was super intense and the citrus flavour was the perfect overture for a meal. There was the deep ginger flavour that packed quite a punch. Although the portion seemed small it was the perfect amount and this was one of my favourites.





Pomegranate Coconut Breakfast Bowl

Not only did this look amazing but the medley of flavours and textures was amazing. The nuts instead of granola was obviously the healthy choice and the pomegranate was an odd choice but it presented a freshness that was enjoyable. However, the amount of coconut was a bit too much but this was my favourite main dish.


Chicken Burger

So this did not really look like a burger and that made me sad but the flavour made up for it. This burger is a perfect example of how healthy food can actually taste good too. The mustard sauce did a lot to elevate the flavour of the dish and although the bread was not my favorite it helped round up the meal and made it filling.


Chicken Egg Wrap

This protein-packed dinner was a perfect mix of health and flavour. Even though this was not the easiest to eat (most wraps are like that for me at least) I loved the flavor, especially in the chicken. As an avid fan of hummus, I was very happy to about the heaping serving of it in the wrap.



Peanut Balls

I know this makes me sound bad but this was my favourite out of the whole lot. This was obviously sweet and the crunchy peanuts made for an excellent mouthfeel. Being served as a snack I would have loved to have a few of these to snack on throughout the day.

Steady Supply is the perfect solution for the health-conscious who don’t have the time to put in all the effort to make it themselves. The thought that goes into each dish is apparent when tasting the food and I’m sure that this will help change lives in the long run.