Nom Nom Asia

2019 May 22

Open Time:

12 noon to 11pm


No.58 Maya Ave, Colombo 00600


right before the Sigma Institute in Havelock town

Contact No

0112 559 050


An incredible taste of Asia!

Nom Nom Asia is a massive space in Havelock Town that opened up its doors towards the end of April and has been receiving raging reviews ever since! They have a whole bunch of seating options and private rooms as well, with a super cute interior that’s so quintessentially Asian. Their menu ranges from Chinese to Thai to Vietnamese dishes and includes some interesting lobster and crab dishes too.


Watermelon Iced Tea – LKR 350

Diving right in, here’s a drink we were excited to taste. Whilst iced teas are common in Sri Lanka, this is the first time we tasted a watermelon iced tea and whilst the watermelon flavour was dominant, the undertone of tea was punctuated by the hint of pepper, making it very interesting. If you aren’t paying attention to the subtleties, this is just a basic watermelon juice, but the undertones are pretty genius!


Chrysanthemum Cold Tea – LKR 350

Another beverage you don’t find often in Lanka, the chrysanthemum cold tea had a 10/10 presentation, with the tea and ice coming in beautiful containers. The taste, however, was underwhelming. The tea was quite watery, with only a slight hint of chrysanthemum. We did find though that the tea is enhanced when paired with the heavy food and the light and refreshing nature of the tea is really what you need to accompany your meal.




Glass Noodle Salad with Seafood – LKR 950

Here is an appetizer I can write poems about! A nice portion of glass noodles accompanied with prawns, calamari, fish and yum – seaweed! Coming in a big enough portion to be a main dish and with a delicious punch of spice accentuating the flavours, this is one of the best starters we’ve had in a while.




Pineapple Fried Rice – LKR 1150

Often attributed to the ever-creative Thai, this pineapple fried rice was a mixture of egg, peas, peppers, raising and lots and lots of prawns. What I liked about it was (obviously) the massive portion, but also that the pineapple wasn’t overpowering and was mixed in quite well to the flavours that contributed towards the dish. It went great with the rest of the curries and we were happy!


Black Pepper Crab – LKR 400 for 100g

Crabs are always a tedious task to eat, especially at a nice restaurant like Nom Nom but let me tell you guys – this was so worth it! The portion consisted of two peppery medium crabs, doused in a delicious sauce and garnished with spring onions. Stellar presentation and stellar flavour, this dish was a real win!


Bok Choy – LKR 750

Bok Choy is one of my most favourite dishes to indulge in and this juicy, flavourful, yummy portion exceeded our expectations. Served with sautéed black mushrooms, in an incredibly yummy gravy, this was a perfect accompaniment to the pineapple rice.


Crispy Prawns – LKR 1095

Need I say again that Nom Nom has an impeccable mains section? This portion of large fried prawns were tossed in onions and bell peppers, creating a mouth-watering flavour. The textures and warm tastes were perfect to indulge in on a rainy night.




The desserts section at Nom Nom was still under trial and error when we reviewed the place and whilst we were given a few dishes to try out, we realise that neither of them were quite Asian.


Chocolate Mousse – LKR 550

The chocolate mousse was a little powdery in terms of texture and the biscuit and chocolate base was too hard to break by spoon, but in terms of taste, the dish wasn’t over-sweetened and had a nice balance of flavour, so it wasn’t so bad.


Layered Jelly Pudding – LKR 350

Consisting of two layers of jelly, a vanilla pudding base, chocolate drizzle and strawberry garnish, this dessert reminded me of something straight out of my childhood. Not too big in terms of flavour, but the presentation was cute and would suffice as something sweet at the end of a meal.

The service at Nom Nom Asia is amazing, with their intricate table setting and attention to detail in terms of wait staff, our experience couldn’t have been better. Their playlist clashes a little with the ambience of the restaurant but it was upbeat and kept us happy throughout our meal!

Pulse tip – definitely try the glass noodle salad!


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