Natural Eats

2019 May 13

Open Time:

7:30am – 8pm (last order)


50/4, Sir James Peiris Mawatha, Colombo 02.


Down the lane right after Laplogic, inside CrossFit Ceylon

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Your gateway to an affordable healthy lifestyle!

Founded by Rushini Goonathilake and Dilsharn Basnayake, Natural Eats is a venture located at CrossFit Ceylon to offer fresh, healthy and feel good food with no refined sugars, artificial flavours, or preservatives.

The concept Natural Eats has going on is super versatile and customisable. Their menu displays the macros you’ll be consuming with each dish and they change up their menu often depending on what their clientele requires. They offer a build your own meal option and are super flexible in terms of accommodating customer needs.

Natural Eats delivers through Uber Eats, Quickee and Eats. Specifically, on Eats, you can subscribe to a weekly (10% discount) or monthly (15% discount) plan inclusive of all 3 meals and prices vary depending on what you want to be delivered to you. Deliveries take place Monday to Saturday from 3 pm to 4 pm. Moreover, if corporates sign up with Natural Eats, their employees will be entitled to a 15% discount either weekly or monthly.

The outlet at CrossFit is not your usual dine-in experience, and incorporates an open kitchen concept while there’s music playing loud in the background as people work out. In fact, while their loyal patrons prefer to quickly have their pre and post workout meals at the restaurant, the location bodes way for a convenient grab and go situation. Natural Eats also has another outlet at 185/4, Walauwwatte Road, Rajagiriya, from which their deliveries go through.



Basic Protein Shake – LKR 550

Consisting of one protein scoop, 2 peanut balls and milk, the Basic Protein Shake was filling and delicious. Their protein shakes are mostly inspired by the coaches at CrossFit so you are guaranteed a great diet. You can opt for either 2 peanut balls or a peanut ball and a banana. We chose the former and were very happy with our beverage. Natural Eats promotes BYOP: Bring Your Own Protein, which they use to make you a customised protein shake, yet again evocative of their versatile nature.


Electrolite Me – LKR 300

This green concoction contained coconut water, star fruit, lime, local oranges and spinach. Unfortunately, we were not able to taste the other ingredients that went into this drink because the spinach overpowered the rest of the elements. It tasted rather bitter, but by the time we were done with it, we instantly felt healthy with the amount of greenery in our systems.



Quinoa Bowl – LKR 675

From their build your own bowl options we picked the Quinoa Bowl which was highly recommended. Their bowls contain your preferred carb, protein, side and sauce. This bowl, in particular, consisted of quinoa, tomato chicken, gourmet salad and white sauce. Their tomato chicken is absolutely heavenly and who knew healthy food could taste this good! The pairing of the white sauce and the tomato chicken did wonders for the dish and the portion is quite adequate.


Prawn Salad – LKR 775

Unfortunately, on the day we visited, the only carb up for grabs was quinoa, so this dish too consisted of quinoa, paired with prawns, gourmet salad and spicy tomato sauce. We found that while the tomato sauce boded well with our Lankan palates, the prawns were too salty. The dish had us reaching for our drinks because the salt truly was overpowering. We hope Natural Eats improves on this front as they aced the other elements of this dish.


Cold Chicken Salad – LKR 400

This was a hefty portion of yummy chicken salad, perfectly seasoned and pleasingly cold. Out of all the dishes we tasted, this was definitely the most filling, so if you are looking to try a healthy dish which is also filling and not to mention for your money’s worth, this is the dish for you. The succulent bite-size chicken slathered in curd was super delectable. Pulse recommends!


Chicken Omelette – LKR 350

This dish resembled a giant hug with its warm and soft texture. The flavoursome chicken embedded in the omelette made it quite filling and the components combined well together to form a wholesome meal. This is also one of their fast-moving dishes so be sure to try it out!


Overnight Oats – LKR 400

Various elements went into this bowl to make it incredibly satisfying: strawberries, almonds, pistachios, sliced peanut balls and of course the main event, the oats. Ideal for breakfast or even a snack, the overnight oats albeit looks like a small portion, is very difficult to tackle. The strawberries gave the dish the sweetness it craved while the almonds added a crunch.

Natural Eats aims to promote an affordable healthy lifestyle and persuade Sri Lankans to take up clean eating. While this venture took off at the Good Market about a year ago, simply selling energy balls, Natural Eats has come a long way with two outlets and they continue to supply energy balls to Odel, CCC and Good Market.

So do drop by, or place an order via any of the above-mentioned delivery services and let us know what you thought in the comments.

Tip – Try the Quinoa Bowl!