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My Sister’s Kitchen

2018 Nov 26

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Weekdays - 10:00 am to 11:00 pm | Weekends - 11:00 am to 11:30 pm



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077 301 7515


Northern food done right!

My Sister’s Kitchen is a home-based business dishing up impressive portions of Jaffna-style dishes. They’re based in Piliyandala but deliver all over Colombo (for a price, of course), and are perfect when you need a small party or family dinner catered to. Their flavours are authentic and you can find things like Jaffna Kool and Uppuma on their menu, which (as far as we know) no other restaurant serves up. The only catch is that you’ll be ordering for a minimum of 4 – 5 people with their portions but it doesn’t hurt to throw a party every time you crave some Northern food!


Jaffna Kool – LKR 2000

Jaffna Kool is a spicy soup of sorts, loaded with seafood and eaten as a communal dish amongst friends and family. This portion claims to serve 5 people but it fed about 10 of us at the office, not to mention it was full of crabs, prawns, cuttlefish, and fish. The broth was spicy and brought to life those much raved about Jaffna flavours. For Rs. 2000, this Kool was definitely worth the price!


MSK has a set-menu option but that requires a minimum order of 15 pax, so we settled for ordering a selection of curries and carbs from across their menu.

Uppuma – LKR 1500

A typically breakfast dish, the Uppuma came in a massive portion enough to serve about 8 people. It was quite on the garlic-y side, with whole chunks of garlic, curry leaves, and chilli being mixed into the semolina base. Mix this up with any one of the curries or even a bit of the Kool and the flavours are accented, making for an incredibly delicious meal!

Idly – LKR 10 each

You can order the idly per piece and we ordered 5, but received a portion of 7 idlys. It was sufficiently steamed, creating a slightly bouncy yet moist cake of rice, perfect for mixing with a hot-hot curry.

Thosai – LKR 12 each

The thosai was again needs to be ordered per piece and comes with a sambar and mint sambol. The thosai wasn’t our most favourite of the order because it came out a little too dry and rubbery. The sambar was also a little on the dry side, with too little gravy to compensate for the dryness of the thosai, but the mint sambol was a real winner. Flavourful and quite yummy, we ate it with almost everything!

Prawns in Spicy Butter Sauce – LKR 1800

The prawns were a real winner. It was more of a dry dish but it was incredibly flavourful, with the butter sauce consisting of quite a few Jaffna spices, giving the prawns a delicious punch. It came in a portion probably enough for about 5 people, with fresh tasting, large prawns satisfying all our cravings!

Mutton Bone Curry with Potatoes – LKR 1500

Now here’s a mutton curry done right! There wasn’t much meat but the bone provided some delicious flavour and with the chunky pieces of potato, this curry was a real home run. If you’re looking for a Jaffna dish that isn’t too spicy, definitely go for the Mutton Bone Curry and combine it with a little Uppuma for some fun flavours!

With the portions at My Sister’s Kitchen, you’re ordering for about 5 people on average. We tried a few of their breakfast carbs but they also have pittu, string hoppers and flavoured rice for lunch and dinner options. Their online ordering is a little complicated so be sure to call Thushara on the number above in advance to see if she can cater to your culinary needs.

Have you ordered from My Sisters Kitchen yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Tip – the Jaffna Kool is definitely worth it!


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