Kottu Labs

2020 Oct 23

Open Time:

3:30 PM - 11:00 PM


No. 31, D.M. Colambage Mawatha, Nawala, Nugegoda.


It’s on the left side of the road when you turn to D.M. Colambage Mawatha from the Nawala Main Road and drive for a few meters.

Contact No

077 668 0000


Everything Kottu! 

Kottu Labs is easily one of the best-known places to serve kottu, a dish that encapsulates the heart and soul of Sri Lankan cuisine. Undoubtedly, they have a lot of fans, and word on the street is that they’re food items are absolutely heavenly. They are also in the midst of acquiring the HACCP International Certification for Food Safety, that will make them the only restaurant in Sri Lanka with international certification, acknowledging Kottu Labs to serve food that is clean and safe for consumption. We at Team Pulse heard that they have added a few new dishes to their menu and we had to give it a try!


Pineapple Fries (LKR 400)

Don’t you absolutely love it when savoury and sweet blend so well together, it feels like there’s a party in your mouth? Well, you’re in luck, cause these Pineapple fries will definitely make you want to melt in your seat, with just one bite. The batter-fried chunks of pineapple were so crispy and warm and we were actually very surprised to see that the crisp did not die down, even as hours passed by. The BBQ sauce that was served with this dish added just the right amount of savoury to the pineapple fries, making up for quite an exquisite combination.


Kottu Rice – Chicken (LKR 699)

Believe me when I say that dish does absolute justice to the iconic Sri Lankan fried rice. The rice was soft, seasoned well and was served with sides of devilled chicken, a pickle and a fried egg. The devilled chicken had just the right amount of spice, it was not too overpowering and not under-spiced. The pickle added a hint of sweetness and the baby onions included in the pickle added a very nice crunch to each bite. The fried egg was really the cherry on top, cooked to perfection. A definite must-try!

Beef Parata Meal (LKR 900)

Personally, I love a good parata, and this dish filled my soul with so much happiness. The devilled beef was cooked so well, with just the right amount of spices balanced well and the parata was soft and easy to chew. The fried egg on top complimented the dish so well, in a way that I never expected, as I have never tried fried egg with parata before. 

Cheese and Chicken Ham Roti Sandwich (LKR 649)

This dish is the ultimate comfort food, it will literally feel like you’re embraced with a warm hug when you bite into it. The cheese was melted so scrumptiously and it complimented the chicken ham like it was a match made in heaven. The parata was also soft and easy to bite into. Absolute perfection!

Ice Cream Kottu (Price TBC)

Now, this is a dish that they are working on adding into their menu and we had the honour of being the first-ever customers to try this iconic dessert that’s in the works. And let me tell you, if I could marry this dish, I would, without hesitation. The creamy vanilla ice cream topped off with chocolate sauce was encased with this candied roti, that is fried with natural bee’s honey, and oh my, it was absolutely divine. The candied roti was not too sweet and it was very crispy as well. This dish is generous in size, so you might have to share it with your buddies if you go for it. 10/10 would recommend!


Kottu Labs has a very chilled out ambience and is the perfect setting to spend a nice evening with your friends. The staff members are also very friendly, courteous and helpful, making the overall dining experience a pleasant one. 

Tip: Do try the kottu ice cream once they introduce it to their menu, your taste buds deserve a treat!