Restaurant Reviews Kantina Konditori Cafe

Kantina Konditori Cafe

2021 Jan 12

Open Time:

8 AM - 7 PM and available on Uber Eats and PickMe


No. 477, R. A De Mel Mw., Colombo 4


Ground floor at the Colombo Innovation Tower, on the left passed the reception.

Contact No

011 7 743062


The ambience is integral to the per seating quota that each cafe targets to reach. While being a space so connected to the hustle of the daily man, it offers a quiet space that feels akin to days in university. KK sparks a sense of creativity in its customers with a slice of cake to match! – from the open-air concept to the flora and fauna around the space injecting a lot of calming vibes.


Eggnog Latte (LKR 400)

KK has found a cute way of serving up seasonal coffees to its enthusiasts. Although heavier on the spices, this drink takes away the common overly-done flavour palette for Christmas, making this a very subtle mix-keeping it sober, lighter and less sweet than the original concoction. This iced latte was great value for money and stayed blended well as I made my way through the glass!

Flat White (LKR 400)

Known to be one of their honoured selections that keep flying off the machine, the flat white comes highly recommended by the barista and staff over at KK! After wanting to stick to a cappuccino as per my norm, we decided to “do as the Romans do” and power through what ended up being quite a soulful experience with a cup of strong espresso in one hand and an indulgent cake in the other.

Mint & Ginger Kombucha (LKR 500)

After stuffing ourselves with cakes, bagels, vegan desserts and coffees, this light and spritzy drink helped us freshen up from the mini food coma we were on our way to. As someone who’d never tried Kombucha before, it was a delicious drink. The cooling mint and kick of ginger at the end blended well with the palette and tasted cider-like. It was airy, refreshing and perfect on a sunny day!


Granola Bowl (LKR 650)

In comparison to bagel options on their menu, this granola bowl may seem a little pricey for a breakfast item. However, the more you dig in, the more you realise the saying “good things come in small packages”, filled with sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds along with a mix of chopped nuts including almonds. Mixing these crunchy textures with a mildly sweet berry compote and fresh fruit brings a multitude of textures, flavours and health benefits with each bite.

Sesame Bagel with Chicken Salad (LKR 600)

This cafe gets their bagels done RIGHT! They are chewy and dense with the fillings to match! The chicken salad filling had a burst of flavours from the smoked and juicy chicken breast to the crunchy fresh bell pepper garden salad with extra cheddar cheese added. Although the flavour profiles were to a T and value for money was justified through flavour, freshness and presentation – personally, I would’ve loved a bit more filling!

Everything Bagel with Hummus and Vegetables (LKR 650)

This vegetarian-friendly filling hit high on quite a few spots! The pickled onion add-on really enhanced the overall flavour profile – cutting through the dense textures and flavours. It’s criminal to make food this good and not have more of it going out of the kitchen! With a few more bumps in their portion size, it would be the sandwich spot to not miss out on.


Vegan Chocolate Cake (LKR 350)

For those who aren’t particularly accustomed to the flavour variety, chocolate is one of the easiest ways to enjoy vegan dishes.  This indulgent slice of the cake comes topped with desiccated coconut flakes adding a chewy and sweeter tone to the dessert, while the cake hits more bitter and richer notes.

Eggnog Basque Cake (LKR 550)

Flavoured Cheesecakes can go really well or really wrong – depending on who you ask. This combo seems like a great fit but they can get lost in each other’s flavour profile. It was a little hard to taste the eggnog tones in this dessert, potentially due to the dense cream cheese overpowering the seasonal flavour. This was baked to perfection and the overall experience could be described as a posh milk tea flavoured cheesecake.

Bliss Bites – Ginger Nut / C4 / Tropical Thunder (LKR 100 each)

Ginger Nut: Coated with gingerbread and almonds, this crunchy healthy snack has a dense and chewy centre. It is reminiscent of Love Cake, but unfortunately, the assorted spices override the ginger flavour.

Tropical Thunder: Lime, coconut and cashew sound as tropical as it can get! Milder in flavours and sweeter than the rest, this tastes very close to “Bibikan” with the nuts and coconut.

Coffee Ball: This power-packed bite has a deeper and lingering bitter after-taste along with an espresso undertone. It carries a dense texture with the nut meal that has been mixed in.

Tip – Try out their Granola bowl for a great pick-me-up in the morning!