Kami Maki

2018 Mar 7

Open Time:

11 a.m. - 12 midnight


26, De Vos Avenue, Colombo 04


If you’re coming through Duplication, De Vos Ave is before Vajira Road to your left

Contact No



Japanese food with a touch of Sri Lankan!

We’ve heard great things about Kami Maki and they seem to have a very loyal fan base too. We found ourselves in the area a few days ago and we decided to drop in for a quick meal.

The place is small, but the illustrations on the wall narrate a story of its own. I am a huge fan of Japanese food and was quite excited to see how Kami Maki has infused a touch of Sri Lanka into the dishes in their concept of “Japanese Fusion Food”. The staff was cheerful, but could be more attentive and there were serious delays in the time taken to serve our food. Service aside, here’s what we thought of the food at Kami Maki!


Mexican Crab Roll – LKR 880


You get 6 rolls per portion and we thought it was very worth the price when compared to most Japanese restaurants in Colombo. Here’s our verdict: Crab sushi always kicks up some excitement because it’s quite authentic and you can never go wrong with seafood in a sushi. However, we’re not quite sure what to make of this one. The sushi was stuffed with crab but it was also bursting with a wasabi based creamy dressing that we weren’t fans of.

Lankan Fusion Maki: Roast Chicken Masala – LKR 520


Kami Maki is all about fusion food and we were feeling quite adventurous at the thought of a Roast Chicken Masala sushi. Sadly, this sushi really let us down, but at least now we know why the Japanese don’t put roast chicken into sushi! The meat was rather tough and there was nothing to bind the flavours together.

Chicken Teriyaki – LKR 720


This Chicken Teriyaki was by far our favourite dish! The sauce and the flavours we on point and we loved how it paired well with the rice.

Kami Maki’s Signature Rice Burger – 990


Their signature burger served with iceberg lettuce, pickles, “secret” signature sauces, wasabi mayonnaise and a “famous” Kami Maki rice bun is their rice burger. We tried out an option that wasn’t on the menu, but the waiter said that they’ll be adding in soon, the Surf n’ Turf burger. A rice burger loaded with meat as well as cuttlefish. We were not blown away by their rice burger, although the concept of a rice burger is always so exciting, the rice bun was too hard and stuck together with a very soggy consistency. The filling inside was yummy, which was basically teriyaki meat and cuttlefish, but since the rice bun was a letdown, we had to devour the filling on its own.

Sticky Crab Rice – LKR 720


How can you possibly go wrong with crab rice right? Wrong. I love sticky rice, but they had gotten the consistency of this so wrong. It was a little too soggy and the shredded crab was sliced too fine, almost making each bite look and taste like baby food.

Japanese Style Fried Rice – LKR 550


We were saved by the grace of the Fried Rice! This is actually the other dish beside the teriyaki that we’d actually recommend.


Tempura Fried Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Sauce and Ice Cream – LKR 450

Interestingly, this wasn’t a tempura fried ice cream, but fried cake served with ice cream! Not so interestingly, it was sad box cake that was quite hard and tasted slightly old fried and served with mediocre ice cream. Not sure if we’d recommend this one either.

Have you been to Kami Maki yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Is there anything we’ve missed?

Tip: Our dining experience wasn’t that great, but, we think if you do find yourself there, you need to give the Teriyaki meat a chance!


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