Restaurant Reviews Kami Maki Colombo 07

Kami Maki Colombo 07

2019 Nov 17

Open Time:

11am – 11pm


No. 54C Ward Place, Colombo 00700


Contact No

077 349 6349


Colombo’s all-time sushi fav!



Kami-Maki has a BYOB option that makes the already fulfilling dining experience even better and since we can’t all have boozy work lunches, we opted to try two very interestingly named tea infusions.


Geisha’s Dream – Iced – LKR 350/ Hot – LKR 250

With an array of herbal infusions, exotic and tropical fruit to floral ingredients floating around in this tea infusion, and with a deep robust colour and cute presentation, this very light fruity and floral iced tea was quite refreshing out of the two available options. However, the flavour of the tea was not at the forefront. Flavour could be improved but we aren’t complaining because there is a recognizable peachy flavour that pulls this concoction together and blends well with the food.


The Mint Shogun – Iced – LKR 350/ Hot – LKR 250

Mint, lemongrass and lemon in one iced tea on a hot afternoon? Yes, please! This crisp tea infusion sounds a bit more exciting than it tastes and this green tea-infused drink has a lot of room for a more flavour punching iced tea. While an avid green tea drinker may appreciate the flavour it brings to this infusion, the rest may associate this taste to that of toothpaste in most circumstances, unfortunately, with a lack in flavour from the lemongrass and rosehip, we couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.



Crunchy Aubergine and Cream Cheese Sushi Rolls – LKR 920

The fluctuating experience that is the crunch aubergine and cream cheese sushi rolls was a complete win with us! From the well-balanced flavours of the cream cheese and soya sauce complemented by the crunchy texture of the aubergine, we couldn’t find a flaw with the well-balanced portion size to price point ratio.


Smoked Salmon and Prawn Sushi Rolls – LKR 920

For the avid sushi lover, this authentic well-flavoured choice of rolls are from their extensive range and are bursting at the seams with their filling. Accompanied by classic soy sauce and wasabi, the balanced flavour palate and textures are favourites yet again. We approve!



Tempura Fried Chocolate Cake – LKR 520

Strange in every sense of the word, this dish tastes as it sounds. Starting with the crunchy fried tempura coating, making in’s way to gooey, rich and indulgent melting chocolate cake and the juxtaposition of flavours, textures and temperatures make this dessert an easy win! It also doesn’t hurt the bank to experience this delight. Served with smooth ice cream it’s a portion easily shared amongst two.


The ambience at Kami Maki is great, with a nice setting for lunch dates, work meetings or even for a dinner out with family. The staff were a little slow and could’ve been more aware of the meals they serve, however, their friendliness and overall pleasantness kept our dining experience unblemished.

Tip – definitely try their Crostini and don’t forget to check out their outer seating upstairs!


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