Restaurant Reviews Kafe KBG by Kahabath Gedara

Kafe KBG by Kahabath Gedara

2020 Feb 14

Open Time:

10AM to 9PM


318, Torrington Avenue, Colombo 05


Located on Torrington Avenue

Contact No

077 786 2672

Delicious local delights at a reasonable price

Having already made their name with their home flagship brand ‘Kahabath Gedara’ which brought delicious homemade yellow rice to their patrons via home delivery, the mother–son duo has now opened up a sit down café down Torrington Avenue to not only bring us some wholesome filling and delicious Kahabath, but a variety of other local inspired delights.

With an expanded menu this little easy-to-find café is welcoming with both indoor and outdoor seating – the overall vibe is light and the atmosphere lends itself to being a great location to have a few cold ones (alcoholic beverages or juice) with friends. In addition to dine in and take out Kafé KBG offers catering for dinner parties , outdoor parties and even corporate events (with options to have action stations available such as BBQ , Koththu and hoppers), they offer cuisine styles ranging from local to western, and also have sawans available which only require 3 hours advanced notice .



Spicy Prawn Cheese Toast (LKR 550)

A generous portion of cheese melted atop toasty warm slices of Roast Paan, smattered with chunks of well spiced prawns and dripping with gooey soft cheese, this was a simple yet undeniably tasty dish. A no-fuss appetiser, you get what you see with this dish, it’s perfect to enjoy with drinks or as a small snack to be shared amongst friends.



While their signature dish is their delicious and fragrant yellow rice we decided to try out an array of their other foods as well.


Fiery Nai Miris Pol Sambol and Ambul Thiyal (LKR 550)

Perfect for a quick and mess free lunch, this sandwich was one of our favourites, generous in its portion, it is well worth its price and will definitely fill you up without sending you into a starch induced coma! The Roast paan was well toasted and crisp, and the pol sambol filling was generous and fiery – deriving it’s spice from the nai miris, it had our tongues tingling, yet we couldn’t stop going in for more, the ambul thiyal in the sandwich was made with hearty chunks of tuna and added a tangy sharp element to the whole dish, providing balance to the flavour profile.


Fiery Nai Miris Pol Sambol, Egg and Cheese (LKR 450)

The runner-up in the sandwich department is the egg and cheese accompaniment to the pol sambol sandwich, which was no doubt simpler in its flavours. The cheese and egg added a lighter creaminess to the fiery pol sambol, balancing out it’s heat, and though not chock full of tuna it wasn’t any less filling, and just like the other sandwich, the portion was hearty, the bread was toasty and we were all left happy.


Creamy Cheese, Bacon, Egg and Nai Miris Koththu (LKR 650)

Not your typical koththu, this koththu was creamy and smoky from the addition of bacon, giving it a flavour resembling that of a carbonara pasta. The koththu roti was soft, chewy and generously coated in the creamy cheese ensuring that you never had a dry bite. With the veggies tasting crisp and fresh, this koththu tasted rich but not unhealthy or greasy. The addition of nai miris in this dish gives it a creeping heat that takes you by surprise, but fret not the kitchen is willing to tailor the spice level according to the customers wishes, so if you’re a novice or a spice fiend, your needs will definitely be met!


KGB Mongolian Rice (LKR 540)

Clearly wok fried from its distinct smoky taste, this mixed Mongolian rice came adorned with chunks of chicken and veggies, flavoured with soy sauce an array of spices and nai miris, this rice plate is huge, filling and impossible to put down. Well balanced and incredibly savoury, the rice can stand on its own as a dish or could be accompanied by any one of their curries/dishes. Again the dish packs bundles of flavour without tasting greasy, unhealthy or chock full of MSG.


Kahabath with Spicy chicken (LKR 480)

Kahabath (Yellow Rice) is their signature dish and their claim to fame so of course we couldn’t pass up the chance to order a portion, served to you in a hearty portion with a multitude of sides, this is popular item usually sells out by the end of the lunch rush. With your serving of rice you can choose one of their signature curries/ dishes;

  • Spicy Chicken
  • Sri Lankanized Tandoori Chicken
  • Ambul Thiyal
  • Negombo Prawn Thel Dala
  • Grandma’s Black Pork Curry

In addition to the main dish each Kahabath packet comes with a boiled egg, a sweet and sour brinjal moju, a fish cutlet, dhal fry, and a papadam and peanut badum. We got the spicy chicken for our meat option, the curry was spicy and flavourful which permeated through to the meat fully. Whilst each element of this elaborate dish tasted delicious on its own, when mixed together, as it should ideally be eaten, the result is an explosion of flavours and textures that will leave you physically uttering ‘yum’. The rice in itself is wonderfully fragrant and the brinjal moju was a favourite – unctuous , sweet and caramelised it added a delicate balance to the strong flavours already present , the papadam and peanut badum provided a crunch to the dish giving it an exciting texture with every mouthful.



Dark Chocolate Biscuit Pudding (LKR 150)

For a mere LKR 150 you can enjoy a single serving of Kafé KBG’s decadent dark chocolate biscuit pudding. Dark and rich the taste of the chocolate ganache was smooth, slightly creamy and had a pleasant bitterness, the soft texture was comforting and it was all in all a perfect end to a perfect meal.



Smack in the centre of the Thimbirigasyaya region , the café is an ideal lunch spot for a work crowd , or a great place for a friendly get together. With an open area at the front and back for seating, this is Kahabath Gedera’s first sit down/dine in establishment, simply decorated with ample seating for around 20-40 people, the establishment sports a few bright and bodacious wall murals that are great for a little instagram worthy photo-op. Simple yet comfortable , the establishment is well lit and exudes a calm relaxed vibe, immediately putting you in a clam and ready to rest mood.

Kafé KBG is a family owned establishment that prides itself on using quality ingredients, and not adding any MSG to their recipes , their love for food and community is evident in their establishment and with their interactions with the customers. The attentive and friendly staff and management elevate the already pleasant and inviting atmosphere, combined with their great food makes this café is a definite winner in our books.

Tip – The Fiery Nai Miris Pol Sambol and Ambul Thiyal is a must try.


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