Indian Summer

2020 Oct 20

Open Time:

11 AM to 11 PM


42, Horton Place, Colombo 07


Just in front of PR Sri Lanka

Contact No

0112 662 112


North Indian Fusion Cuisine right in the middle of the city buzz! 

Authentic North Indian fusion cuisine of all price points, Indian Summer was an overall pleasant experience. With friendly and prompt service, this is a great place for family gatherings, business meetings or other private events with an Indian twist. 

They have a grand menu of soups, salads, curries, noodles, rice, rotis and much more! The appetizer menu will keep you busy for quite some time, as it is the most extensive out of everything. The restaurant features half and full portions of appetizers, in case you are in doubt or want to try several items. We were indeed spoilt for choice. 


Mango Lassi (LKR 450) 

Thick and creamy in texture, this lassi was our instant favourite. The mango and the yoghurt flavours complemented well and were not in the way of any of the food items we tried. 

Strawberry Mojito (LKR 500)

My virgin mojito journey has so far been disappointingly tasteless. Indian Summer’s strawberry mojito was, however, the first step of a positive change. A pleasant strawberry taste, with a tangy note tingling in your mouth, this was a refreshing drink. The presentation could have been better. 

Rose Falooda (LKR 500)

Easily, the second-best drink we had.  The rosy, smokey feel was a delight to our senses. A filling drink with a generous blend of ice cream and rose syrup. 


Tandoori Shrimp – Half Portion (LKR 750)
Hands down, the best shrimp I have ever had. This is a perfect flavourful twist to the traditional tandoori and shrimp. However, the platter that it came with, did not impress. Presentation could certainly improve, as it didn’t serve justice to the insanely flavoured starters. This may come across as ill advice, but you may not want to share the shrimp. It is that good!
Murgh Irani Kebab – Half Portion (LKR 600)

The kebab was very well-cooked, and we loved biting into the juicy pieces of chicken. It was an extremely pleasant starter experience, with the flavours melting in your mouth with every satisfactory bite. An easy hundred on texture and flavour. 


Chicken Dum Biryani (LKR 1500)

While the presentation was a clean sweep, we were not greatly impressed by the overall biryani. The rice seemed a little dry, and we did not really like the mouthfeel of it. However, the egg, pieces of chicken and the aromatic spice blend, made a good combination. Try this with the curries or the meat sides for enhanced flavour. Served with raita, this biryani is easily shareable between two to three people. 

Paneer Butter Masala (LKR 550)

We liked both the paneer varieties we were served. Paneer Butter Masala is a great option with the naans and rice. Cashew, milk, coriander, sugar, turmeric, cinnamon, and all other condiments worked amazingly together in this dish, to give it a smooth texture and flavour. 

Indian Summer Special (LKR 550)

Peas, cashews, carrots and an array of mouthwatering ingredients combined together, this paneer is one we would pair with any and everything. A slight elevation of flavour from the Paneer Butter Masala, we recommend you try this one out. 


Plain Naan (LKR 150), Garlic Naan (LKR 250), Cheese Naan (LKR 275)

A break from the sharp and bursting Indian flavours, the assortment of naans were crispy and light. The naans are good on its own, except for the plain naan. The cheese naan did not deliver the popping cheese flavours as we hoped. However, they pair well with the shrimp and chicken to give you a wholesome naan experience. You can try these out with the varieties of paneer if you fancy. 


Baked Yoghurt (LKR 350)

Divine. What can we say about this amazing dessert other than that? It is nutrient-packed with almonds, pistachios, condensed milk, cream yoghurt and garnished with nuts for an unmatched finish. We can go on about this forever, but we’ll leave it to the next lucky recipient of this baked yoghurt.  Bite into it, or I would say melt into it, and indulge!

Gajar Ka Halwa (LKR 350)

Don’t let the carrots put you off. While the presentation may deceive you, this is one unique and delicious dessert. Not the best of what we had, one can hardly compare the flavour profiles of Gajar Ka Halwa and other desserts. This held its own against the baked yoghurt with its sweet flavour profile. Different, but great. 


With an ambience fit for gatherings, the indoor seating saves you from the bustle of the road. Decorated with trinkets and memorabilia from voyages of the restaurant partners, the interior greets you to some artistic detail. With an upstairs seating for a massive amount of guests, this restaurant has ample seating space, no doubt. It also has a decent outdoor seating space, but beware of weather! Depending on the sun and rain, the outdoor seating can either go wrong or right.

Tip: Don’t even think about missing the Tandoori Shrimp and Baked Yoghurt.