Restaurant Reviews Hangover Hostels Mirissa

Hangover Hostels Mirissa

2018 May 28

Open Time:

7.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm


AH 43, Mirissa


keep your eyes peeled for the colourful signboard opposite the main Mirissa beach stretch


Perfect for a lazy, hung-over brunch!

Hangover café in Mirissa is attached to Hangover Hostels. A colourful place with chilled out staff and filling dishes, you can come here to grab a bite in between beach strolls or to catch some morning yoga on their upper deck. The restaurant itself is laid-back and offers free tea, coffee and bananas all day round for anyone that needs a quick energy boost.


Their selection of drinks is pretty generic but a good way to wash down the fairly heavy meals they dish up.

Watermelon Juice – LKR 250

As all watermelon juices go, this one came cold and delicious, a great way to beat the heat and hydrate yourself after a few hours on the Mirissa beach.

Lemon Iced Tea – LKR 200

The iced tea looked prettier than it tasted. A little too watered down for our liking, this wasn’t out favourite selection of the day, but still served as a refreshing option on a sunny morning.


Surfer Burger – Beef & Fried Egg – LKR 950

We heard burgers are Hangover’s specialty and we found it very hard to choose which one to get but ended up choose the Surfer. The presentation of the dish was the cutest thing! The burger was served on a little surf board with cute little sayings engraved onto it.

The burger itself was pretty delicious – a toasted bun, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, fried egg and caramelized onions had all the workings of an incredible hangover cure, especially those thick-cut killer fies. It wasn’t oily but it was just greasy enough to satisfy all my fat-kid cravings with the meat coming succulent and the dish being overall, very satisfying and delicious.

Chicken Tortilla Wrap – LKR 675

A well-balanced combination of capsicum, diced chicken, onion and tomato wrapped in a thin tortilla, served with fries, the chicken wrap was alright. The dish wasn’t too flavourful and came a little dry but it was pretty filling and served as a good meal for a pretty hungry person.

Penne Pasta Arrabiata – LKR 625

We got the Arrabbiata dairy free so we could test out their accommodation skills and it turned out okay. It was pretty classic – penne in a tomato sauce and was quite a filling portion, albeit a little dry. The version with the cheese probably would have tasted eons better but we were satisfied with what we were served.

The service at Hangover is pretty friendly, with the staff making idle chatter and asking about our stay in Mirissa. The dishes are also served to your table pretty fast and they have a killer playlist you can jam out to while you wait. Their all murals are also pretty Insta-worthy and we had a slightly underwhelming, very filling, but overall good time here.

Tip: Be sure to check out their upper deck, it’s mad chilled out and has a nice view.


Disclaimer: Pulse’s restaurant reviews are 100% unbiased. On no account do we claim to be qualified food critics; our aim is to simply share our personal experiences and opinions with our readers. 


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