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Colourful and sweet!

Crepelogy is a home-based crepe business operating through Instagram and has been in the scene since early this year. They serve up colourful crepes accompanied by a bunch of interesting topping combinations. Their dishes usually come in “platter combos” which include 2 large crepes, Nutella and any one topping, but you can also make your own combos, choosing between toppings like marshmallows, strawberry jam and caramelised bananas. Fun fact, they also make their crepe batter 6 hours prior to baking them in order to accentuate the velvety appearance, texture and sophisticated taste. We were excited to see a crepe business finally entering the Sri Lankan market and got a few of their popular combos to test out their products.

Signature Platter Combo – LKR 650

Their signature platter combo includes a red velvet crepe, a galaxy crepe, Nutella, and caramelised bananas. The crepes itself were velvety and smooth, with the red velvet and galaxy not only being different in colour but having different flavour profiles too. The flavours were subtle and the red velvet was our absolute favourite, although it could have been accentuated better with a cream cheese topping – but the Nutella sufficed! The bananas also could have been caramelised a little longer but the buttery goodness remained, making the combo quite delicious.

Taj Mahal Platter Combo – LKR 650

The Taj Mahal comes with 2 marble crepes, nutella, and peanut butter. The rich flavours of the nutella and peanut butter perfectly complemented the subtle flavours of the marble crepes. The peanut butter also tasted home-made, with that extra bit of texture giving the dish an interesting bite.

Verte Platter Combo – LKR 650
The Verte is a combination of 2 apple green crepes accompanied by nutella and caramelised apples. With subtle flavours of green apple in the crepes, the caramelised apples went quite well with the combination. The nutella also provided that extra kick of flavour to bring together the platter beautifully.

The amount of colouring used in the crepes is a little questionable but the flavours and vibrant colours are great to spice up your Instagram feed. Their combinations are also quite tasty and they even have cooler crepe options like charcoal and orange that we can’t wait to try out the next time we order.

Have you tried Crepelogy yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Tip – be sure to try some fruit toppings, they’re great!


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