Copper Lamp

2020 Oct 26

Open Time:

10.00 am – 10.00 pm


65A, Hotel Road, Mount Lavinia


Between Girl’s High School, Mt. Lavinia and Church of St. Francis of Assisi

Contact No

077 721 4254


As we were walking down Hotel Road, among the many restaurants we saw, the sight of Copper Lamp immediately took us back to memories of cosy cafes along the Down South beach stretch. They had opened the place only a couple of months before and has an exciting story behind it that you might want to ask about while you wait for your meal. They have a variety of unique dishes on offer, and oh! If you are vegetarian, this place is an ideal pick for you. Here are some of the items that we tried out.


Stress Buster (LKR 400)

It was a delightful sight just looking at this drink being served. Utterly refreshing, the Stress Buster had a curious blend of ingredients that we hadn’t come across elsewhere. The lemon and green chilli-infused in soda water gave it a sharp tang. This was masterfully counterbalanced with the sweetness of bee’s honey, elevating the drink to irresistible goodness. For someone who is health-conscious, what better way to start the dining experience?

Passion Mojito (LKR 450)

Passion fruit drinks have always been among my favourites, and on occasion, when they are made just right, they bring back childhood memories of when I visited my grandmother. This Passion Mojito did just that. Complete with soda water, lime, mint leaves and honey, I could taste each ingredient, but none was overpowering the other flavours. It was bliss in a mug, to say the least.


Dynamite Shrimp (LKR 600)

This came with 6 delicious pieces of battered shrimp, fried to perfection. The exterior was crisp, while the inside was soft. And the special sauce coated around the shrimp, from which the dish gets its name, was the right amount of spicy and creamy, making each bite an exploration of textures.

Manchurian Balls (LKR 350)

If a vegetarian dining experience is what’s on your mind, this is the starter for you. Made with cabbage, beans, potatoes, carrots and onions, the portion includes 6 Manchurian Balls rich in flavour. It is complemented with a unique white sauce that is made in-house, that we fell in love with.


Polos Wrap (LKR 500)

With ample chunks of Polos mingled with a host of other veggies, this wrap was a riot of flavours. The tortilla bread, made in house, added the finishing touches to the wrap. Served with a side of potato chips and sauce, this was the biggest bang for the buck, or so we thought, until we got the burger.

Polos Burger (LKR 650)

If you didn’t know what was in it, you are bound to think this is a meat burger. The deep fried Polos patty was thick and juicy and was made combining a variety of herbs that gave it an intriguing Sri Lankan twist. The burger filling had fresh salad leaves, tomatoes, onions, green chilli and cheese and was sandwiched between soft buns that were made in house.

Kochchi-Stuffed Chicken with Herb Rice (LKR 750)

My personal favourite, this dish had chicken – and lots of it – stuffed with kochchi, shiitake mushroom and cheese. It was served with a portion of herb rice that can easily fill-up one person, and a white sauce that was specially made at Copper Lamp. Needless to say, this delectable main didn’t last too long on our table.


Its space is modest and can serve only about 15 people. But the chilled out, welcoming vibe of the space makes it quite hard to miss. They have also poured their hearts and souls into making the interior homely. And adding to this charm is the Comments Wall. If you like the food, do take the time to write a comment.  

The fact that they can only serve a limited number of visitors means that the staff is always attentive. While we were too busy gobbling down our food, the staff made sure that all our needs were accommodated – whether it was bringing table napkins or water, bringing out a new round of dishes, or packing the food for us once we were too full. And we didn’t even have to ask!

If you are in the mood to pamper yourself with a leisurely meal out, but you don’t want to break your wallet while doing it, this should definitely be on your list of options. If you want to enjoy a delicious meal from the comfort of your home instead, they offer take-away and home delivery.

Ps: Our photographer, by the way, is not an easy foodie to please, and he is quite picky. Even he was impressed with the food they served us. In my experience, that says a lot.

Tip – Try their Kochchi-Stuffed Chicken with Herb Rice for sure!