Restaurant Reviews Chambers at Park Street Mews

Chambers at Park Street Mews

2018 Jul 13

Open Time:

Monday to Sunday – 12.30 p.m. – 10.30 p.m. |*they open at 2.30 p.m. on Fridays.


48 D, Park St, Colombo 2


Chambers is located inside Park Street Mews, around the corner after Butter Boutique

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Transporting you to Morocco, food and aesthetic alike!

Chambers is the latest Middle Eastern Restaurant to hit the streets of Colombo and after our first visit, we absolutely love it. There was a gap in the market for Middle Eastern Cuisine and Chambers is here to fill that gap. And our verdict is that they did a pretty good job at that.

Chambers is the latest restaurant to join the street of world cuisine down Park Street Mews. The interior and décor at Chambers is impeccable. Kudos to the architect and the interior designers because the aesthetic of this place really adds value to your dining experience. The space is awakened by beautiful Turkish chandeliers, Moroccan tea pots and plates, and a subtle pop of paler vibrant tones.

We paid homage to Chambers last week and here’s what we thought of the food.


Moroccan Tea Pot – LKR 330

Moroccan mint tea is generally very refreshing and this tea was just that. Bonus was that it was served in an authentic, intricate teapot with beautiful glasses we thought were shot glasses. This Moroccan Tea is enough for 2 to sip throughout a meal. Very economical for 300 bucks at an uppish dining restaurant!


Meat Arayas – LKR 600

The menu does have some interesting Hot Mezzes and when we asked the waiter for a recommendation, he suggested the Meat Arayas and we are glad he did. The Meat Arayas is an Arabic flatbread dish loaded with meat and cheese. The Meat Arayas is like pizza in a pocket, except full of Middle Eastern spices like garam masala and ingredients like tomato. The pita was so soft and fluffy and the meat and cheese was oozing out of this pocket of goodness.

Hummus – LKR 500

One of the best ways to judge how good a Middle Eastern Restaurant is through their hummus. We loved the hummus at Chambers because they’ve definitely nailed the consistency (which is the hardest thing to get right) and the chickpea flavour was not entirely cutting across the taste of the dip. For those of you who don’t know, Hummus is a classic Middle Eastern dip made of chickpeas infused with tahini and olive oil. At Chambers, they serve Hummus with really fluffy Arabic flatbread, and this dish, we are totally recommending.


Shish Taouk – LKR 1000

Sadly, the Shish Taouk was the only disappointing dish out of the lot and not at all worth LKR 1000. On our table, was a meagre serving of boneless grilled chicken plated over very thin flatbread accompanied by a salad and fries. We wouldn’t recommend this as a main for one person as we felt like the quantity was just not enough and strikingly less as opposed to the other mains on the menu.

Mutton with Chickpea Tagine – LKR 1500

Words cannot describe how incredibly flavourful this dish was. The couscous was loaded with flavour, and the succulent mutton was in plenty. Served in a beautiful tagine, this dish is true to culture and is an authentic representation of the flavours and depth of a Middle Eastern dish.


Baklava with ice cream – LKR 475

As one of the few places in the city serving Baklava, we were excited to try their take on Baklava. We didn’t hate it, but we didn’t quite love it either. Baklava is filo pastry layered with nuts and drizzled with sugar syrup, served with a scoop of ice cream. Perhaps the taste of Baklava is something you’d grow accustomed to, and we weren’t there yet.

Mahalabia – LKR 350

We was skeptical about the Mahalabia because this was a milk pudding flavoured with orange blossom water and pistachios. Surprisingly, we ended up really enjoying the dessert because it was a great palate cleanser and wasn’t at all like jellified milk (which is what I feared).

Have you been to Chambers yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Is there anything we’ve missed?

Tip: The Meat Arayas is the best gain for your buck and was easily one of the best dishes we’ve ever tried!


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