2020 Aug 24

Open Time:

10 AM – 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM –11 PM


33b Park St, Colombo 00200


Right opposite Park Street Mews and Uga Residences

Contact No

0112 314 333


Newly opened in December of 2019, Butlers has had quite a first year. A pub-style restaurant, Butlers is currently a BYOB establishment currently in the process of obtaining their liquor licence. During the daylight hours, Butlers caters to the many offices surrounding it with reasonably priced lunch options, available for dine-in, pickup or through delivery, and once night-time hits, Butlers becomes a popular dinner and drinks spot. With a friendly and very hip vibe, their music keeps your mood elevated and their menu will keep your tummies filled. All the food at Butlers come in generous portions and is packed with flavour!

Currently, Butlers offers 15% off your total bill on Mondays and Tuesdays after 6 pm and on Thursdays they have a Quiz Night organised for their patrons to engage in some fun and friendly competition. 


Crispy Batter Fried Cuttlefish (LKR 780)
The cuttlefish rings were soft, chewy and coated in a light and deliciously crispy batter. Served with tomato sauce and Mayo on the side, this was our favourite item of the bites menu. Seasoned simply, the cuttlefish was snapped up just as fast as it came to the table. 
Omelette (Cheese) (LKR 400)

The cheese omelette was one of the less popular dishes that came to our table, whilst the wasn’t anything to complain about taste-wise, the dish wasn’t anything to write home about and the presentation left much to be desired ( though it wasn’t unappetising looking it definitely made us giggle a little).


Rice and Curry (Chicken) (LKR 400)

One of Butlers main attractions and more popular dishes are their lunch specials like rice and curry. At LKR 400 you get a healthy serving of Keeri Samba rice with 5 curries/ side dishes – and we opted for the chicken and every curry on our plate was delicious:

Chicken curry: Spicy and firm the chicken curry was fragrant and the flavours saturated through to the bone. 

Beetroot curry: the curry was creamy and earthy and the beetroot was well cooked and not mushy. 

Green bean and cauliflower curry: this curry was mild and had a slight sweetness from the beans, and it paired exceedingly well with the chicken and beetroot.

Bitter gourd salad: Thinly sliced and fried till crisp the bitter gourd took on a slightly caramelised flavour which combated its natural bitterness along with the citrusy notes of the freshly squeezed lime. 

Dhal: A staple with every rice and curry the hearty lentils were soft and mildly spiced. 

Nasi Goreng (seafood) (LKR 1150)

We opted for the smaller portion which came to us in a heaping dome fit for 2 people, in fact, with starters and sides included, 3 people could easily share this. Smoky, spicy and wonderfully umami, the Nasi Goreng had a great mouthfeel and wasn’t too dry, mushy or greasy which are common problems one usually finds with nasi goreng type dishes. The chilli paste that came with the Nasi was on the sweet side but it still packed quite the punch. 

Salt and Pepper Pork (LKR 750)

Listed on the menu as a side dish, the salt and pepper pork was a great accompaniment to our rice dish. Thinly cut and fried till golden and crispy the pork still remained succulent inside, and was just as good as any salt and pepper pork you could get at a Chinese – Sri Lankan restaurant. Very flavourful, with a mild kick and pepperiness, this could also pair well with an ice-cold beer or wine.

Sweet and Sour Prawn (LKR 800)

Recommended by the manager himself, the prawn is a popular side to get along with the Chinese-style fried rice. With a portion of prawn fit for at least 3 people, the dish had onions, carrot and pineapple which really added a juicy and fresh element to the dish.  

Grilled Chicken (LKR 1760)

Chargrilled to perfection, the whole leg joint was juicy and topped with a creamy mushroom sauce.  Flavourful and falling off the bone, the chicken was soft and the sauce was filled with large chunks of mushrooms. Incredibly savoury with a rich flavour palette, this was paired with a simple salad and chunky hand-cut fries, which were lightly salted and crisp on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside.


The establishment had a modern feel to it with a range of blacks, greys, blues, and teals in their colour palette set against wooden furniture. A few modern art pieces and a mural graced the walls and the lighting in the restaurant was warm with the bulbs hanging down at levels from thick rope fixtures. The wide, open space and large window allowed plenty of natural light to stream through the establishment, brightening the otherwise dark colour palette.  


Having to adjust to a smaller staff due to the effects of COVID-19, the staff at Butlers were friendly and attentive, giving us suggestions and recommendations and also ensuring that we were comfortable. We were at the establishment at the height of the lunch rush and witnessed quite a volume of people who come in from near-by offices for rice and curry. And despite the large quantities of orders and an incredibly busy kitchen, they managed to remain attentive to our needs.

The staff wore masks throughout the service and even offer sanitizer as you walk through the door. 

Tip – At just LKR 400, the rice and curry is a great option for lunch, but having said that, their Nasi Goreng is a can’t miss, go with a friend and split it – you won’t regret it!