Restaurant Reviews Brunch on the Veranda at Galle Face Hotel

Brunch on the Veranda at Galle Face Hotel

2017 Mar 12

Open Time:

Sundays from 12.30pm – 3.30 pm


2 Galle Rd, Colombo 0300


At the Galle Face Hotel

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A family Sunday well spent



The colonial charms of the Galle Face Hotel never fail to enchant and impress, especially on a lazy Sunday morning when all you want to do is sip a cocktail al fresco – ergo, Brunch on the Veranda! The Sunday brunch at GFH is on its 4th installment but not at all old seeing as I wish I could go back there every Sunday here on out and hope that my wallet can bare the pressure.

At Rs. 3,990/= per head, the GHF Brunch isn’t cheap, but oh, is it worth it! They offer typical brunch items like eggs benny and bagels as well as heavier items like cous cous and rice in a buffet style set-up, all in a wonderfully serene setting with the most perfect music to set the ambience.


Classic Bloody Mary

Other than the usual mint infused water and fresh fruit juices, GFH chose to welcome guests with a menu card that showcased 4 variations of a Bloody Mary – The Cherry Tomato Mojito, Galle Face Arrack Mary, Colombo Spice Mary and the Classic Bloody Mary, of which we tried the last option.

The Classic Bloody Mary is a concoction of vodka, lime juice, tomato juice, tabasco sauce, Worchester sauce, salt and pepper. Get this – a heavy Saturday night booze-sesh and a nice hangover remedy Sunday morning, isn’t GFH the sweetest? Bloody Mary’s, I hear are an acquired taste but this one was surprisingly refreshing. Slightly watery, but you could still taste the vodka and the tomato juice, well it ought to be be healthy, right? All sorts of wins.


Soups: Cream of Vegetable Soup 

So our first mistake was probably filling up on these gorgeous soups. The Cream of vegetable was delicious and rich with a hint of herb which was very refreshing.

Mutton Broth

The mutton broth was heavily under-seasoned but otherwise quite well done. Props here to having a variety of soups and actually including mutton – quite a change from the ordinary!

Breads: Focaccia 

They had the usual variety of breads but I feel like the Focaccia really stood out in this section. It was sandwiched with a layer of pesto with cheese, olives and herbs on top, and tasted freshly baked. This honestly stole my heart so make sure you don’t miss out on it!

Eggs: Eggs Royale

So GFH has an entire egg station that does scrambled eggs, omelets, or eggs benedict and it was the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while! Our Eggs Royale came with eggs benedict, hollandaise sauce and smoked salmon and though the order was placed at the station, the dish came to our table in the hands of a very capable waitress who remembered us by face – props to great service!

The Benny was a fairly small portion which I honestly appreciated because there were so many other courses my tummy had to go through. The yolk wasn’t as runny as I would have liked it and it was a little under seasoned but otherwise, it was very classic and quite tasty.



Bagel station

The bagel station lets you construct your own bagel with a variety of options to choose from and in-house-baked bagels that one could really write home about! I was definitely excited to see sundried tomato bagels and just went to town with my customizing.

Garlic and Herb bagel with Dill cream cheese, Peppered Beef and Cheese

In our Garlic and Herb option, the infusions in the dill cream cheese really pulled through and the smoked peppered beef was quite something.

Sundried tomato Bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese, smoked salmon and cheese

In our sun-dried tomato option, the zest of the cream cheese was great and the salmon was a little fishy but pretty tender. I’m a huge fan of the cream cheese and everything really worked well together.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but GFH should consider making the portions smaller because the serving was massive and it was difficult to finish one whole, although I would have loved nothing more than to actually finish it.

From the western station: Roast Lamb with Roast Potatoes and Rosemary jus, Pasta Arabiata, Vegetable Couscous and Seafood Thermidor

The Lamb was medium rare, tender and succulent. It was perfectly seasoned and with the sauce, it was delicious. The potatoes were absolutely gorgeous, well-seasoned, and well done. 

The pasta arabiata wasn’t anything to write home about. Solid pasta dish but nothing short of ordinary. 

Seafood thermidor was a great blend of prawns, fish and calamari. It was slightly nauseating because I was so stuffed by now but it was still a solid dish. The Couscous was moist and had subtle flavors of herb and spice that definitely complimented each other. Overall the western station was brilliant, but seeing as all the other stations were even better, I’d say you might want to skip this part to focus on tastier things.

From the Eastern station: Kashmir Palau, Paneer Tikka Makini, Vegetable Jalfrezi and Mutton Rogan Jose

Though definitely stuffed at this point, we just couldn’t leave without trying a few options off the aromatic Eastern station, and man, are we glad we did! The flavors from our options were outstanding and the spices were amazing! None of them were overly spicy but really did pull through with those amazing Indian flavors – definitely don’t miss out on this station if you do drop by

Dessert: Pancakes, Panna Cota, Chilli chocolate brownies

There was a variety of gelatinous dishes that were nothing short of ordinary, but what really stood out though were the options we dug into below.

Ever proud of my pancake plating skills, the pancakes were fluffy and light with the berry compote and nougat thoroughly complimenting the dish, definitely worthy of some tummy space saving.

Everyone at the table agreed that the Panna Cota was one of the better takes on the dish and one of the best dessert items of the day. It was beautifully presented, creamy and fruity and absolutely delicious 

I didn’t really expect it, but oddly enough, the undertone of chilli in the Chilli Chocolate Brownies was ever present and the concoction just worked. It was great!


There are a bunch of kids activities on the lawn with a little play area happening and the staff was very courteous, fast and polite. Adam and The Eves were on music, alternating between acoustic guitar playing and fast-paced ukulele strumming which I thought was very cool. We spoke to the executive chef, Adam Gaunt-Evans and he said the GFH brunch definitely hopes to evolve every week instead of staying the same. He also highly recommends you try the bagel station so don’t forget to do so.


Have you been to the GFH brunch yet? What did you think?


Tip: don’t miss out on the bagels and the Eastern station!