2018 Jan 18

Open Time:

11 am -10 pm


1110/1, Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha, Battaramulla


Right near Super Kids in Battaramulla

Contact No



Chillato – the new (ice) kid in town!

Gone are the days where Il Gelato and Carnival were the only ice-cream spots around the city, as we have yet another new comer into the game. Chillato specializes in soft-serve ice cream and stalking their Facebook page didn’t do our sweet-tooth any good so we had to try for ourselves.

They had a total of 10 options on the menu that were pretty diverse plus the option to create your own ‘Chillato.’


Choco Screamers – LKR 250


The Choco Screamers was apparently their most popular ice cream so we tried that first. The base was plain vanilla but there was barely any flavor to it. However, it definitely lived up to its name of ‘soft-serve.’ The ice cream was creamy and pleasant to the mouth because of its literal softness. But I had to give the ice cream a chance in its entirety so I tried it with the chocolate nuts, the chocolate sauce and the chocolate flakes, and for someone who loves chocolate as much as I do, it still didn’t do the job. The flakes and the sauce barely added anything but the nuts were delicious, yet didn’t feel worth having to go all the way there when a tub of Cargills ice cream and a packet of Kandos Choconuts could have done the same thing.

Hello Jellos – LKR 250


Next I tried their Hello Jellos, which was also apparently a popular serve. The jellies were very hard to bite into and I ended up preoccupied trying to conquer the jellies as opposed to enjoying the ice cream and they made the whole ice-cream a chore. The smarties were the typical local alternative for MnM’s but the strawberry sauce was appealing. It added lots of flavour to the dish!

Unicorns R Real – LKR 250


Now for what I was most excited for, Unicorns R Real. Unfortunately, the blue food coloring made it taste like soya ice cream in the subtlest sense and that was it for flavor with this one. The colored popcorn had a strong roasted taste that just failed to match the ice cream and left a slightly bitter after-taste.

CocoNuts – LKR 250

CocoNuts was my favorite and coincidentally the simplest one! The coconut shavings gave the ice cream the punch, I was craving. I typically don’t enjoy the combination of coconut flavor and ice cream but this was refreshing.

Finally, as you can observe, the presentation was vibrant but the toppings were quite literally toppings as they was just a sprinkle of each on the top but after a minimum of 2 bites I was back to their vanilla. The toppings weren’t infused with the ice cream to actually provide a flavor. However, I really enjoyed the place. The location was a cute spot in Battaramulla, it wasn’t too hard to find either. There was a lot of natural light and it was rather cozy. There were only 6 seats and the place is extremely small but I was the only one there on a Thursday evening so it was quite nice. One thing to note is that they didn’t accept card payments and don’t have a take-away option.

Overall, their small serving was 250 and large was 350, so it won’t burn a hole in your pocket- for a quick refreshing fix of soft-serve this is a great option! It’s cozy and its ambiance really takes after its name – pretty chill! So pop in and take a look for yourself!


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