PULSE Recipes Fish Rotti | Cooking with Aunty D

Fish Rotti | Cooking with Aunty D

2020 May 19

Want a snack that is sure to fill you up? Try your hand at this quick and easy Fish Rotti recipe!


All Purpose Flour 2 cups

Salt 1/2 tsp

Baking Soda 1/8 tsp

Water 3/4 cup

Oil 3 tbsp


Oil 1 1/2 tbsp

Onion 1 big

Garlic 4 cloves

Curry Leaves

Cardamom 2 pods

Green Chilli 2

Fish (Boiled Tuna or Tin Fish or Thalapath) 250g

Boiled Potato 150g

Salt 1 tsp

Chilli Flakes 1 1/2 tsp

Pepper 1/2 tsp

Leeks 75g

Turmeric 1/3 tsp

Curry Powder 1/2 tsp

Maggi Fish Soup Cube 1


  1. Pour flour into a mixing bowl and add salt and baking soda, mix well.
  2. Add water and make a ball using oil. (Coconut oil will enhance flavour and aroma)
  3. Cover flour balls and keep it for 2 hours.
  4. After 2 hours, make small balls to use Fish Rotti. Sprinkle with some coconut oil and keep for another 2 hours.


  1. Heat oil and add onion, garlic, curry leaves, cardamom (crushed). Cook for 5-7 minutes.
  2. Then add boiled fish, boiled potato, salt, chilli flakes, pepper, turmeric, curry powder and Maggi fish soup cube.
  3. Cook for 5 minutes.
  4. Take one flour ball and stretch it, add little oil if it is dry. Place filling and roll it up.
  5. Turn all six sides and cook using a flat bottom pan.


Aunty D. is a full-time mom working a little magic in the kitchen whenever she’s got time on her hands. She brings to you easy and fast recipes with a twist of Sri Lankan spices and cooking techniques. Get Cooking!