KindleLeaf 10 Must-Reads by Sri Lanka’s Young Authors

10 Must-Reads by Sri Lanka’s Young Authors

2020 Oct 5

Writing is a powerful form of expression and art. Be it a book you inherited, borrowed from a friend or a precious find from a dusty book stack in Maradana, books have always been a part of us. Sri Lanka is no stranger to conquering the international literary platform, with its treasury of acclaimed veteran writers. From early scribbles to widely read books, young aspiring talent, thus, must be recognised and encouraged. Here is a list of some of the youngest Sri Lankan writers and their work, mainly targeting children and youngsters. 

Food – Thanuwana Serasinghe Junk

Thanuwana Serasinghe, a 4-year-old Lankan author from Seychelles, published Junk Food in 2017. The book went into the Guinness World Records, for the youngest author ever to have published a book. Now 7 years of age, Thanuwana is passionate about international language studies and it took him just three days to write this record-breaking book!

A Treasure Trove of Thoughts – Tiran Weerasinghe

A recently launched book of poems and short stories, A Treasure Trove of Thoughts is written by Tiran Weerasinghe. A 13-year-old boy, who is passionate about literature, he is an avid reader of diverse genres of books. Tiran’s book embodies his favourite quote, “There is a book you wish to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then it is your duty to write it.”  

Janani’s Jewellery Box – Janani Weerasinghe

A 10-year-old girl who believes in the power of story-telling, Janani Weerasinghe’s anthology of poems and short stories is her first published work. Janani is a student of speech and drama and loves her work to be available to everyone as she relates experiences that are close to her heart. 

Wildlife of Udawalawe National Park at Lens Range – Chanith Wijeratne

Author and Illustrator, Chanith, at the age of six, published Wildlife of Udawalawe National Park at Lens Range. It is the first globally recognised book about Sri Lanka’s National Park – Udawalawe. He is an avid wild-life enthusiast and has completed 10 books on the wildlife of Sri Lanka, Australia and South Africa. He has garnered many awards for his explorative research work and writing. 

The Relic Hunter- Brendon Perera

Written by the 14-year-old Brandon Perera, The Relic Hunter: the first installment of X Masters Saga, tells the adventures of Denver Grey, a relic hunter and adventurer. The book is partially based on facts, and is set in Sri Lanka. A quest to be discovered with a gifted group of boys and girls, their mission is to serve and help Denver, their mentor. A book of mystery, murder and drama is woven together for a gripping experience!

Wandering Thoughts – Aanya Ganemulla

Wandering Thoughts is a poem anthology of the 13-year-old Aanya, with her thoughts on different aspects and things of her life.  The collection contains more than 30 poems of this budding writer. 

The Unchangeable Fate – Battle Begins – Nisali Dayananda

Inspired by J.K. Rowling and the likes, Nisali is currently schooling while pursuing her writing dreams. 

The book is part of a series she is working on, and relates the adventures of fantasy and mystery dealing with dark forces. She is driven to improve her writing style and welcomes critique on her writing from anyone who has read her work.

The Pearl of Truth – Sajani Jayathma Senanayake

The Pearl of Truth was awarded the Fairway Holdings Encouragement Award in 2016. She writes this book in hopes of creating awareness towards the protection of marine life. Sajani also penned Gift of Wonders in 2012, when she was 11 years old. 

The Return of the Traveller- Lohan S.L Wijerathne 

The 14-year-old, Lohan Wijeratne launched his book ‘The Return of The Time Traveller’ in 2019. This is a sequel to his previously published book, ‘The Time Traveller’s Tale’, at the age of 12. The book’s main theme revolves around friendship and he has drawn inspiration from real-life characters. 

Return to Enchantia – Nisalma Perera

A tale of fantasy and enchantment, the fictional setting Nisalma creates in this book is called Enchantia. The book has seven chapters and revolves around a mysterious gem. A light and interesting read for kids who love enchanting mysteries!

We wish these aspiring writers the very best, and hope they take over the Sri Lankan literary scene, one book at a time!