Health & Beauty Struggling with Acne? You’re Not Alone!

Struggling with Acne? You’re Not Alone!

2016 Mar 26

Beauty by Rosh

One of the most frequently asked question via my page is about Acne. A lot of girls message me with the same type of questions about how to manage it, how to get rid of it and what to do about the scarring and marks. A lot of Sri Lankan girls struggle with acne and its horrible aftermath. So I decided I would talk about my struggle with Acne in the past and how I got over it! In this article I speak about what type of acne I had and my experience as well as products that helped me. It’s not an easy subject for any of us to speak about and putting a fresh face forward is always daunting I feel. But as a beauty blogger I must try to help all you girls out there looking for solutions. My Facebook page is a community page where I talk about skin care, makeup and fashion. It is totally free for anyone to access my articles, videos and information. I’m not a makeup artists and do not sell any products or services, this is a completely free endeavor to help women who are interested in beauty to do everyday beauty routines and makeup looks by themselves. It’s all about DIY beauty tips and tricks and makeup tutorials for the everyday Sri Lankan women.

I’m happy with my skin now and I feel confident enough to get on camera in my videos with no makeup on at the start. And you’ll definitely see me with no makeup on running errands and grocery shopping. But a few years ago I wouldn’t go out without any makeup. I will just go over how I got rid of not only my pimples but also the scars/pigmentation. In my new video I explain all the below mentioned products and show them to you.

Quick history about my case: 

When I was around 12 I started breaking out and it started to progress into my teens. I had teen acne (different from adult acne). This was mainly on my cheeks, unlike adult acne which for most people it’s on their chin and forehead. I used to of course break them, squeeze them and make it worse. But I was kid!! I did try a lot of stuff but wouldn’t go away for a while!

Brief about acne:

I don’t have to tell you girls, cause if your reading this and you have acne or have had acne in the past you already know this cause you would have seen a doctor or Googled it. But quickly; Acne mainly comes cause of a buildup of sebum and dirt. Open pores allow all sorts of bacteria to enter and it’s the reaction to that. Now living in a warm humid country like Sri Lanka doesn’t help. The weather although amazing for a day out at the beach, it really doesn’t help our acne problem. Of course while I was in high school was the worst time of my acne!. It got much better later on. I wouldn’t be oily as much throughout the day unlike whilst in school. So keeping your face clean and dry is key. Wash your face regularly- forget wrinkles (I know they say if you wash or tug your face a lot you will get fine lines) screw fine lines if u have acne! Chances are you have very oily skin- you need to wash your face all the time. Upside of oily skin (and darker pigment skin/brown skin) anyway is that you will get lesser wrinkles. Let’s dwell into that another time.  Acne!!!! Yes use a good cleanser/scrub  with microbeads and keep it clean.

My Holy Grail acne products and what helped me:

Ok here’s the real deal, unfortunately acne has more to do with your hormone changes than what you can actually do from outside, but having said that you still want to do as much as possible to at least keep it on the down low if you can’t completely prevent it. Remember these are just what I think that worked for me – it may not always be 100% but I have seen a massive change in my skin.

★ Clinique anti blemish solution Acne clearing gel

Oh my god this stuff I LOVE! This is the #1 product I would recommend. Just put it on a pimple and overnight, seriously overnight it would get smaller/less or even completely gone! Poof!!!!!!

★Clinique anti blemish solution clarifying lotion

This is a really good toner! I don’t use it every day anymore cause I don’t have breakouts or oily skin any more cause this tends to dry your skin. But this is really good for acne and if you have oily skin with breakouts.

★ Oil free acne stress control face wash

Love the feel of this on my skin, I only started using this about a year ago , so to be honest it never helped with major acne cause I haven’t had like major full blown acne since like 2009, but I think this does help to really clean your face and helps not to have small breakouts. Obviously I wear a lot of makeup and yet I don’t break out at all. So this maybe helping. Allure magazine also included this in there 2015 list!

★ Loreal Pure zone pore unclogging scrub cleanser

This I don’t use anymore cause my skin is better now but I use to use this every day in the shower maybe like from 2008-2010 and around that time was when things started looking better for me. Most of my ache stopped popping out in 2009. So I’m assuming this too helped went through like 3 bottles of these back then

★ Clean & Clear

Yes! Last product is clean and clear – use that it’s good. J Go to the supermarket and grab one of these to keep with you. Just when your randomly washing your face all the time (as I told u to) use this! It’s cheap and it does no harm. I still use it sometimes. And when I was in college I would always carry one around with me to keep my face clean.

All products mentioned above are available in Sri Lanka other than the Clinique, you can get them anywhere in Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India. And of course Europe, America and UAE

— if you have very bad acne I would suggest you go see a dermatologist who could prescribe some oral medicine that may help. 

To sum up:

I had so much acne when I was a teenager! For those who knew me before I was 19 know this was a fact and now I get like 1 pimple in 3 months. And even my scars have reduced. If you see in my pictures I just have slight pink pigmentation. I’m about 7 years acne free now!

Hope I helped you!

For more watch :

Hope this was helpful. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me. I’m here and happy to help.

Beauty review by Rosh is a beauty, makeup and fashion blogger based in Sri Lanka but has a wide knowledge of international brands and trends. She is always up-to-date with her personal style and now she’s bringing you DIY ideas for you! She does DIY makeup looks & tutorial, fashion edits and of course beauty product reviews. Only having started Beauty review by Rosh this January 2016 it is already got the attention of many girls trying to not to spend too much money on stylists and salons. Her site is completely free and gives you access into the beauty world and helps you style yourself on your own.

You can check out more DIY Make up tutorials by Rosh by clicking below or visit her page on fb can also follow her on Instagram @beautyreviewbyrosh


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