Health & Beauty Facial Hair Removal Methods for Sri Lankan Women.

Facial Hair Removal Methods for Sri Lankan Women.

2019 Aug 2

Given the numerous ads about hair removal and related products we see while scrolling through the Gram, it’s utterly bonkers that a huge percentage of women are still not educated about the removal of facial hair. Unfortunately, unlike in the Western parts of the world where it’s spoken about more openly, the issue of peach fuzz can be a tad bit embarrassing to talk about here in Sri Lanka due certain ‘beauty standards’. Facial hair is viewed as an insecurity and can cause anxiety in some women – even though it’s biological and occurs naturally.



Whether your peach fuzz is au naturel, hormone-related, or just genetic we’ve got the perfect guide for removing it. From the best way to do it to the least damaging method available, we got you covered.


  • How to prepare skin before facial hair removal

Cleanse skin thoroughly to get rid of excess sebum ( the terrible oil we SL girls have to face, which gets worse in the sun) and remove bacteria. Do not moisturize prior due to it creating slip and making holding onto hairs difficult.


  • Caring for your face after hair removal

Hair removal can make even the most robust of skin types sensitized, and it is very common to experience redness which will subside after 30 minutes. For sensitive skin it can take up to 2 hours for the area to calm down. Apply Aloe Vera gel to soothe skin. If you are experiencing something out of the norm, then we advise to get it checked out by a doctor. 



1. Shaving

Now isn’t this the go-to solution of all Sri Lankans? Be it your legs, underarms, hands, eyebrows, sideburns (and the list goes on), it is completely safe to use razors -disposable or electric- as a form of facial hair removal. Please make sure to whip out your shaving cream girls because you do not want any cuts! Shave in the direction of hair growth.


Note that this is not a permanent solution; enjoy hair-free skin for around 3 days and re shave. Contrary to popular belief, your hair does NOT grow thicker and you won’t look like King Kong.


2.  Tweezing

Need your brow game strong? HELLO TWEEZERS!! This method is great for keeping your eyebrows tidy. It can also be used to pluck an unruly chin hair or two.


To tweeze facial hair, wash your face with warm water or use a washcloth. Then pull the skin taut and pluck one hair at a time.  There may be some slight discomfort and redness but this goes away after awhile.



3. At- home waxing to remove facial hair

Being the busy women we are, waxing body hair has been a go-to at the salon due to its very slow growth rate – hair free for two to three weeks!


Waxing at home has also never been easier, and this method is well opted for due to its ease and effectiveness. When you’re shopping for wax, look for soft wax, or wax that’s formulated for using on the face. Hard wax is better for your legs and bikini area.


If you choose wax that needs to be warmed at home, purchase a wax warmer, also make sure to purchase plenty of waxing sticks as “double-dipping” can introduce bacteria into the wax and may cause a skin infection. Before you wax, do a patch test on your skin to see if you develop an allergic reaction, and to make sure the wax is the right temperature.

Veet is a popular option among us Sri Lankan girls and they’ve also got facial wax strips.



 4.  Epilation

As long as you follow the proper methods of both preparation and after care, this method of removing your hair seems to be the most successful as it eliminates hair up to 4 weeks.


The process can be painful; however, it is a private treatment that you can do yourself at home and takes a minimum amount of effort. Going slow can reduce discomfort. If you have tenderness afterward, apply an ice cube to painful spots to reduce swelling and inflammation.





5.  Laser hair removal

For any of those still wondering, the secret behind the Kardashians’ smooth and completely hair free skin is laser removal .The main problem with many hair removal methods is that results are temporary and only last a few weeks. For longer results, consider laser hair removal. Save up girls! Avoid that massive ODEL sale and skip your fancy manicure.


This method uses a laser and pulsating beams to damage hair follicles, resulting in the loss of hair. It’s a semi-permanent solution — hair grows back after about six months. Sometimes, hair never grows back. If hair returns, it may be finer and unnoticeable.


Achieving desired results typically requires multiple trips to a doctor or spa. If you want the benefits of laser hair removal without the expensive price tag, one option is buying an at-home laser hair removal kit, but make sure to purchase from an approved brand. At-home treatments are cost-effective and convenient. You’re able to complete hair removal treatments around your schedule in the comfort of your home.



6. Depilatory Creams

Definitely one of the more easier options for us busy on-the-go Lankan gals, these creams are more long lasting than shaving and less expensive than waxing. A very good option is the Nair Sensitive Formula Facial Brush-On, infused with Camellia Oil and Ylang-Ylang to help soothe your skin as you de-fuzz and can be easily ordered online or found at any Healthguard pharmacy.


Unlike in the past, these creams aren’t pungent anymore, so after a quick patch test it can be applied on the skin and left for 10 minutes and by the end of it, you can say hello to smooth hair free skin ! They are available in gel, cream, and lotion forms; therefore buy according to your skin type.



7. Threading

This common practice hails from Middle Eastern and Asian countries and has been very popular among all women in Sri Lanka for a while now. Threading involves a thin double cotton thread, that’s rolled over your skin in a particular way. And this technique can pull multiple hairs from their follicles. The results can last longer than shaving or tweezing, plus this method doesn’t cause ingrown hairs.


Threading also doesn’t involve chemicals. So there’s no risk of a skin reaction, although you may experience minor pain or discomfort as your technician removes hair from the follicles. To reduce pain, ask your technician to apply a warm compress afterward. This method of hair removal requires skill, so you’ll need to find a trained cosmetologist or aesthetician. Our favorite places to get it done are from Ramani Fernando Salons, The Wax Museum and Arq Style House. All my visits have been pleasurable.


Threading might not be an option if you have acne, as it can cause bumps to rupture.



8. Dermaplaning

This is an exfoliating treatment that involves a doctor or licensed medical aesthetician gently scraping the surface of your skin with a surgical scalpel to remove dead skin and peach fuzz. So basically, it’s like shaving your face.


Sounds kinda crazy, but people are flocking to it thanks to fact that it gets rid of facial hair, makes your face feel baby soft, and helps give you a smooth foundation application; all without having to use harsh exfoliators. The best place to do this procedure is at DIBI SKIN MILANO here in Sri Lanka at a cost of Rs 7000 with world class certified products so you know you’re giving your skin the utmost best.



So there we go people, the list comes to an end but I’m guessing you already have a fair idea where you want to start and which methods suit your upkeep.  Sri Lankan women do have to keep in mind that facial hair is all natural, and embracing it is the bravest thing one can do! There is also no problem with having a need to get rid of facial hair if it gives you a feeling of confidence or makes you happy. Hope this list helps your decision and helps keeps those pesky hairs off!