13 Again!

2015 Sep 18

Remember the wonderful times you had before hormones and aging took a toll on your beauty. Use these DIY methods for instant beauty.

1. Sugar Glow

Is this the same sugar you mix in your tea or coffee? Yes, the very same. Add sugar to your  body wash or shower gel for exfoliation. Sugar crystals have just the perfect texture for scrubbing off dead cells, while its high glycolic acid content helps moisturize skin and protect it from toxins. With dead cells out of the way, your natural glow will be restored.


2. Frozen Frenzy

Put your face in a bowl of ice cube to “freeze” wrinkles, while  reviving your  glow. Why does  this ritual work? The instant chill jolts blood circulation, which boosts  skin radiance and simultaneously reducing swelling and redness. Be careful of the ice burns though.


3. Apple a Day

Cleanse your  face with apple cider vinegar:  Apple cider vinegar is really effective. Use it as a toner or  if you have breakouts it can be really healing.


4. Dairy Classic

Spritz your face with milk  to keep your  skin moist and hydrated. Milk is full or minerals, protein and calcium, which are all essential to your skin’s health.

You could also use  freshly boiled milk while steaming your face for the ultimate skin detox. All you need to do is boil the milk, pour into a bowl and let the vapours float over your face as you lean in under a towel. Milk is full of lactic acid, which will decongest the pores, leaving your skin beautifully clear, moist and radiant.


5. OMO

Olive and macadamia oils: incorporate this duo  into a homemade scrub with grapefruit juice and sea salt and revive your complexion.


6. Vivace with Vasline

A hefty dose of Vaseline would do no harm. Especially under the eyes. How much Vaslineexactly? A teaspoon under each eye every night to prevent wrinkles and fine lines, brightening up your eyes and adding that mischievous spark in your eyes.


7. Ravish with Mint

Want plump, luscious lips? Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your lip gloss. Sounds unappealing but mint is known to stimulate blood flow, which intensifies lip colour and causes lips to swell giving you that ravishing look.


8. Strawberry White

Say goodbye to charcoal and say hello to Strawberries. Rub strawberries on your teeth, yes, teeth to maintain those pearly whites.Strawberries  contain a ton of malic acid that serves as an astringent and can lighten surface stains on your teeth. Twice a week should do the trick.


9. Loofah Ordeal

Quit brushing your locks in order to tame them. Wrap your tresses with a loofah in order to boost volume and reduce frizz. Use a clean one, not the one you use in the shower.


10. Tea Time

Irritated and puffy skin? Chill some green tea bags in the freezer and gently press them onto the inflamed areas – the antioxidants will soothe a sore complexion.


11. Tropical Juice

Pineapple juice.Another frozen remedy, Freeze some fresh pineapple juice and then rub this “ice cube” over clean skin. Let the liquid dry on your face for 5-10 minutes, then rinse away with plain water. Pineapple’s natural enzymes exfoliate, improve hydration and boost elasticity.


12. Egg and Mix

Dewy, glowing skin is equivalent to hydrated skin. Easily whip together egg yolk and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Apply a generous layer of this mixture all over your face and leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.


13. Salt ’n Scrub

Dry, cracked heels? All you need to do is mix  a handful of sea salt with enough almond oil and  make a thick paste. Use this to exfoliate your feet and toes and how them off with pride.


Follow these mantras and you will be on your way.


by Vinuri Weerawardena


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