Food Where to Get Platters in Colombo

Where to Get Platters in Colombo

2020 Oct 2

While platters were initially introduced to Colombo about three years ago, the craze for platters has exponentially grown since then, with many small businesses mushrooming across Colombo, selling absolutely beautiful and delicious platters – and now grazing tables too! 

If you’ve been wondering where to get a platter made in Colombo, look no further! The following are some small businesses dedicated to making the most vibrant and eye-catching assortments.

Oh My Gourmet

With a breathtakingly colourful feed, Oh My Gourmet is the definition of homemade; right down to the dips. Their cold platters (cold cuts and cheese) come in three different sizes: small (LKR 7500 for 4 pax and 10 varieties), medium (LKR 10000 for 6 pax and 12 varieties), and large (LKR 12500 for 10-12 pax and 15 varieties), as do their warm platters (pastries and savouries): small (LKR 4200 for 4 pax), medium (LKR 6200 for 6 pax), and large (LKR 8300 for 10-12 pax). Note that there is a refundable deposit of LKR 3000 on all platters. Their Graze Boxes cost LKR 4900, while their Gourmet Graze Boxes cost LKR 5600. 

Open time: 24×7 (3 days of prior notice required)

Address: 28, Ben and Nancy Towers, Ramakrishna Road, Colombo 6

Delivery/pickup: Both options available (wooden platters must be returned) 

Contact number:  0775 358 421

A Matter of Taste

A Matter of Taste is a home-based women’s collective platform catering to your every platter need. Their specialty platters include “Oh So Cheesy”, “Loaded Meat”, “Morning Sunshine Breakfast”, “Sweet Treat”, “Chai Time”, “Lankan Vibe”, “Brownie Frenzy”, “Candy Land”, “Cake Mania”, and “Fruit Ninja”, while they also have a specialty box called the “Love Birds Box”. These platters and boxes come in three different sizes: mini (LKR 2900,3800), medium (LKR 4000-5200), and large (LKR 5500-7000). They also customize boxes and platters, and the price would depend on what’s included.

Open time: 10 am to 8 pm

Address: Based in Bambalapitiya

Delivery/pickup: Both options available – delivery to Colombo and suburbs possible

Contact: 0771 440 696 

Platter that Matter

Allowing their customers the utmost freedom to customise their ideal platters, Platter that Matter is more than willing to take into consideration any dietary restrictions when assembling grazing platters, boxes, or even tables (yes, they do it all). Their platters cost LKR 3000 (for two pax) upwards but are more than happy to work around the customer’s budget.

Open time: 24×7 (Yes, they can even deliver platters at 3 am, on a pre-order basis, with prior notice of at least 48 hours)

Address: Based in Dehiwala

Delivery/pickup: Both options available – delivery to Colombo and suburbs possible 

Contact number: 0775 943 303 

Platter it Up

Platter it Up has us craving all sorts of spreads with their flamboyant IG feed. You can contact them via DM or even on their website Their Personal (LKR 3000), Podi (LKR 5000), Large Candy (LKR 5000), Picnic (LKR 7200), Round Table (LKR 9600), Unreal (LKR 12000), Mega (LKR 18000), and Showstopper (LKR 30500) Platters have us spoilt for choice. Also, they are currently selling the most delicious mozzarella ball jars!

Open time: 24×7 (Open for orders at any time, on a pre-order basis)

Address: Based in Nawala

Delivery/pickup: Both options available – delivery to Colombo and suburbs possible


Platter Please by HS

Platter Please by HS has a huge range of specialty platters, from platters of different cuisines such as Sri Lankan, Indian, etc. to basic or exclusive cheese or fruit platters. They also offer vegan-friendly platters! Grazing tables are their passion and they curate spreads for any occasion. Their packaging is 80% biodegradable and they are working towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable ethos. Pulse approves! 

Open time: 24×7 (Open for orders at any time, on a pre-order basis)

Address (two locations): Piliyandala – 324/45, Lake Serenity, Dampe, Piliyandala and Nugegoda – 53/3, Ananda Balika Mawatha, Kotte

Delivery/pickup: Both options available – delivery to Colombo and suburbs possible

Contact number: 0762 963 572 /0776 585 090

Graze by Sith Ranawaka

As the name suggests, this particular business is all about that graze craze. They make platters according to their customers’ requirements but they also have a couple of standard graze boxes. For example, their Father’s Day collection was truly impressive! Ranging from LKR 5500-15000, these boxes came with the option of adding on a bottle of wine (LKR 2600-5500 per bottle) to complete the perfect box. 

Open time: 9 am to 9 pm every day (However, platters can be sent at the customer’s preferred time)

Address: 27/2, Buthgamuwa Road, Rajagiriya

Delivery/pickup: Both options available (partnered with ASAP Deliveries)

Contact number: 0760 142 467

Platter Parties

As their IG states, Platter Parties initiated the graze craze in Sri Lanka in 2017. They use the freshest produce and ensure that all equipment is disinfected with chemical-free Kangen water (certified to remove preservatives, pesticides, and 99% bacteria – which is of utmost importance, especially in this age of COVID). They do platters, boards, boxes, and of course their wow factor – grazing tables. 

Open time: 9 am to 6 pm (Not a hard and fast rule; they are extremely flexible on time)

Address: Based in Rajagiriya

Delivery/pickup: Both options available – delivery to Colombo and suburbs possible

Contact number: 0714 806 617

Pitter Platter

The Pitter Platter caters to your every need! The seasonal fruits and vegetables they use are freshly locally sourced. Their best-seller, The Date Night Grazing Box, is perfect for those date nights at home with your boo and costs only LKR 3200. Their standard platters include the Assorted Cheese Platter (LKR 11200 for 8 pax), The Charcuterie Board (LKR 12000 for 8 pax), The Gardener’s Platter (LKR 8800 for 8 pax), The Rainbow Fruit Platter (LKR 6000 for 5 pax), and The Sweet Treat Platter (LKR 6750 for 5 pax).

Open time: 24×7 (48 hours’ advance notice is required)

Address: 525/2, Havelock Road, Colombo 6

Delivery/pickup: Pick up for platters. However, if it’s a grazing box they could deliver it for you.

Contact number: 0767 530 503

The Italian Food Story

The Italian Food Story has got you more than covered with their extremely unique platters consisting of various Italian delicacies. Their platters are customisable. They also provide other Italian dishes like pasta, scalloped potatoes, and pizza. As their platters are mostly customisable, prices vary depending on the ingredients. 

Open time: 24×7 (Open for order at any time, on a pre-order basis)

Address: 15/2, 7th Lane, Ananda Balika Mawatha, Pagoda, Pitakotte

Pickup/delivery:  Both options available – delivery within Colombo possible

Contact number: 0777 482 222

Maddog BBQ Pitmaster 

Craving a delicious BBQ feast? Enter Maddog BBQ Pitmaster, catering to all of your carnivorous desires. By giving you the choice of cuts, quantity and meat, they whip up a meal fit for a king that will also be delivered right to your doorstep! They only offer platters on weekends so don’t forget to place your order during a weekday!

Open time: orders to be placed during weekdays

Address: based in Panagoda

Contact number: 071 659 9932

A budding business that is just over two months old, brings the taste of Australian cuisine to Sri Lanka, offering customisable platters that come with a side of pure Sri Lankan bees honey with cinnamon!

Address: 2/5, 7, Matrix Residencies, Ramakrishna Terrace, Wellawatte

Pick up only

Contact: 0760485733

Platter Me

A home-based business, Platter Me, offers both veg and non-veg platters and they also customise platters based on their customers’ preferences. Their non-veg signature platters are priced at LKR 3000 (for 2 pax), LKR 5000 (for 4 pax), LKR 8000 (for 6 pax), and LKR 12,500 (for 12 pax). They also prepare splendid seafood platters for the seafood enthusiasts out there!

Considering how expensive seafood is usually, their signature platters are decently priced at LKR 3600 and LKR 6500 for 2 and 4 pax, respectively. Veg platters cost LKR 2500 for 2 pax and LKR 4500 for 4 pax, while their Veg and Meat Combo Platter for Two is priced at LKR 3700 and their Cheese and Fruit Platter starts at LKR 2600, depending on how many people the platter is meant for. They also make dessert platters, with both the Sri Lankan Heritage Platter and the Candy Platter costing LKR 4500 for 6-8 pax.

Open time: 24/7 (Open for orders at any time, on a two-day pre-order basis)

Address: Based in Colpetty

Pickup/delivery: Both options available – delivery within Colombo and suburbs possible

Contact number: 0759 304 812

Platters Inc.

With an incredibly comprehensive menu and an extensive selection of fresh ingredients, Platters Inc. has platters for everyone! They offer two types; cold platters and warm platters. Their cold platters consist of the Personal (LKR 2999), Small (LKR 4299), Medium (LKR 5799), Large (LKR 8299), and Party (LKR 10499) Platters, all of which include an array of seasonal fruits, assorted crackers, homemade dips, veggie sticks, and selected and premium cold meat cuts. Their warm platters come in three different sizes; Medium (LKR 4250 for 4 pax – containing 10 each of 6 different items), Large (LKR 5500 for 8 pax – containing 15 each of 6 different items), and Extra Large (LKR 6750 for 10-12 pax – containing 20 each of 6 different items). For the warm platters, items on offer include sausage pastries, chicken and ham swirls, mini pizza balls, buffalo wings, teriyaki drumlets, spicy meatballs, and vegetarian tomato bruschetta. Moreover, grazing tabes can be arranged as well!

Open time: 9 am to 9 pm (However, they require 24 hours’ prior notice)

Address: 29/5, Wijayamangalarama Road, Kohuwela

Pickup/delivery: Both options available – delivery within Colombo and suburbs possible

Contact number: 0774 406 930

Platters by Suzy

Making the most vibrant platters as a hobby, rather than a home-based business, hence the immense dedication put into each and every platter, Platters by Suzy offers veggie, fruit, and cheese platters customized according to the customer’s preference. At Platters by Suzy, hygiene is of utmost importance and is thus their topmost priority. What we noticed about their platters is the assortment of unique and out-of-the-ordinary fruits incorporated. With a variety of fruits like dragon fruit and kiwi, their platters are super colourful and would make any spread attractive. On a side note, they have also ventured into specialising in everyone’s favourite: CBP! In different flavours and variations like Mint, Almond, and Bailey’s, and also recently introduced in combo jars, their chocolate biscuit pudding is definitely something to check out!

Open time: 24/7 (Open for orders at any time, on a pre-order basis)

Address: Based in Rajagiriya

Pickup/delivery: Both options available – delivery within Colombo and suburbs possible

Contact number: 0777 445 937

Paan Paan

A renowned name in the industry for artisanal baked goods, Paan Paan is also known for being able to prepare “A Platter for Every Occasion”. Whether it’s for a wedding or large gathering or “podi podi bites for another memorable occasion”, Paan Paan has the goods and manpower to cater for it all. From the cutest confectioneries guaranteed to satisfy the sweetest of teeth, to a selection of savouries which leave you spoilt for choice, Paan Paan should definitely be on this list for the intricate detailing that goes into making sure every item on the platter tempts palettes on the occasion. Their Fixed Platters include the Atta Flour Chapati Wrap (LKR 4050), Birthday Party Sandwich (LKR 2800) Mini Hot Dogs and Mini Burgers (LKR 2400), Sandwich (LKR 1500), Submarine (LKR 2800), Savoury (LKR 2400), and Sweet (LKR 1800) platters to satisfy any craving! All platters are Halal.

Open time: 8.30 am to 7 pm (However, they require 24 hours’ prior notice)

Address: The outlet closest to you: 84, Lorenz Rd, Colombo 4 or 6B, Alfred House Gardens,
Colombo 3 or 104, Havelock Rd, Colombo 5

Pickup/delivery: Both options available – delivery within Colombo and suburbs possible

Contact number: 0117 500 225

Hungry Crocodile 

The ultimate platter provider for your elegant and classy platter needs is here. Hungry Crocodile serves up a range of platters from savoury to desserts and more to suit all occasions and requirements. With their expertise at prepping the best platters to please anyone who sets eyes on it, your event will be the talk for weeks!

Address: 56/16, 3rd Lane, Dharmarama Road, Colombo 06

Pickup/delivery: Both options available (However, only pickup is available until the 7th November 2020 due to the prevailing situation)

Contact number: 077 336 5771

So there you go Colombo, get your platter on with the options above. Good luck choosing, because we most certainly cannot decide!