Everything else.. Where to get Dumplings in Colombo

Where to get Dumplings in Colombo

2019 May 27

A few years ago, the dumpling scene in Colombo was pretty dead but as of late, with everyone’s palates becoming more adventurous, the culinary scene in the city is steadily growing and with it, our options for dumplings too. Without further ado, here’s where you can grab a plate of delicious, steamy dumplings!


Momo’s by Ruvi

Momo’s by Ruvi

The OG dumpling joint, Momo’s now has two outlets; one in Bambalapitiya and one down the road from the regal cinema. They serve incredible Nepali momos in different shapes and fillings topped offed with a signature sauce and have also introduced bao buns and soup dumplings to their Colombo 2 outlet – yum!


Min Han

Another dumpling outlet that’s been around since the beginning of time, Min Han is a small hole-in-the-wall Chinese place that does mean pork dumplings, stuffed full of flavourful meat. For around LKR 600 for a plate of 10, this one will leave you stuffed!



Aimed more at the budget dumpling eater, Tastea in Colpetty offers 6 dumplings for LKR 300 or 12 for LKR 580. It’s a regular steamed chicken dumpling without a lot of fuss but it comes with a tasty dipping sauce and will satisfy any dumpling cravings you may have.


Mainland China

Mainland China

Mainland China serves a range of dumplings but also strays from the ordinary to do a dessert dumpling in Coconut and Honey Butter Sauce.  For LKR 495 for 6 pieces, this dish is lip-smacking and worth every buck!


China Street Food at Colombo City Center 

China Street Food at Food Studio

Offering lamb dumplings for LKR 1500 and chicken dumplings for LKR 1000, China Street Food serves a portion of 10 with two dipping sauces. While they’re not exceptional, they would suffice if you’re trying out other food from Food Studio as well.


Long Feng  at Cinnamon Lakeside 

Long Feng

If you want an all-you-can-eat dumplings experience, Long Feng is for you! They serve a delicious dim sum buffet for lunch and the variety and flavour is exquisite – we recommend!


Sushi Kai 

Sushi Kai – Reviewed

While all Japanese and Chinese restaurants have dumplings on their menu, Sushi Kai needs a special mention for their delicious Octopus Ball Dumplings. Soft, juicy dough balls enveloping yummy octopus and topped off with a delicious sauce and tobiko flakes? Yes please!


Whilst these places have dumpling specialties, you can also check out any restaurant from our Japanese food round-ups or Chinese food round-ups and order some gyoza to fill that dumpling sized hole in your tummy!


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